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Pinjra 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Omkar beating the goons trying to hang the chemical factory board. Naina gets happy seeing him beating the goons. Bhabhi asks Mayura if she wants a husband or superhero. Mayura says he will love me so much that even if he has to take 100 births to get me then he will do. Chacha ji thanks Omkar. Omkar looks at the Goswami industries board. Sachin gets angry knowing that his men couldn’t hang the board.

Mr. Goswami tells that he don’t want his image to get spoiled before the election and asks him to find out about who is the guy? Omkar talks to the office guy to give him sometime to pay the fees. The office guy tells that he has just 10 mins to pay the fees. Mayura comes there and acts to feel pity on him. She says I wish Ishaan would have been here, he would have made video like yesterday. Ishaan comes there and says I am here. Ishaan says your video will go viral and then you will become famous. Omkar gets tears in his eyes as he checks the time. He thinks of his conversation with his mother.

Mayura smiles looking at the time. Ishaan and Mayura start the countdown. The office is about to get closed, when Naina comes and keeps the fees. Mayura and Ishaan get shocked. Mayura drops popcorn from her hand. Omkar asks Naina from where did he bring money to pay the fees. Naina says they gave the money. The neighbors come there with Chacha ji. Omkar tells Chacha ji that he can’t take money from them. Chacha ji says if you get educated then will make our village proud. He says yesterday we took your help and today let us help you today. Mayura tells Ishaan that he is selfish to take money from Mali Kaka in resort and from them here.

Omkar looks at Mayura and pays the fees in the office to secure his admission. Naina tells Omkar that his admission letter in his hand and asks if he is happy? Omkar says very much. Mayura comes there and says your admission happened, but I will get you out from here in 2 days else I will change my name. Omkar asks her to change her name to Shatarmurq. She argues with him. Ishaan says he will see her inside. Omkar asks Naina to sit and says he will drop her. Naina makes Mayura fall down in the mud. Mayura gets angry. Omkar and Naina smile. Omkar says scores are settled. He asks Naina to come. Naina sits on the backseat as he rides the bicycle.

Mayura thinks she will settle scores with him and feels humiliated by him. She breaks the mirror seeing water not coming. Her friends come there and asks if she is fine? Her friend gives her water bottle. Mayura washes her face and wipes it with tissue. She says I need therapy right now. She walks away from there. Ishaan comes there and asks are you okay? Her friend says this is Mayura’s therapy time. Naina tells Omkar that she has settled scores with her and tells that she is very beautiful. Omkar thinks about her. Naina asks if he is lost in her beauty. Omkar says he is not thinking about her. Naina asks him to come.

Mayura does shopping along with her friends. She tells that they will go to planet design store. Naina asks Omkar to come to there. Omkar tells that it is a costly store. Naina says she will just wear the dresses and get the pics clicked. Omkar asks why she wants to show off. Naina asks him to come. They go inside. Naina sees the dress and shouts seeing the price tag 18000. Omkar asks her to just get the pics clicked and come from here. Mayura and her friends come there. Mayura says what this cycle rider is doing here. Her friend says chance is good, they shall teach them a lesson.

Mayura says she will do, in her style. Naina goes to try a dress. Naina comes there wearing the dress. Omkar says you are looking monkey. Naina says do you think that it will look good on Mayura. Omkar says you are good as monkey. Naina keeps her purse there. He clicks her pics and asks her to change the dress. Omkar tells the Madam got confused and they will come again. The machine beeps as they pass. Manager asks Naina to show her bag. Naina gives her bag. Omkar asks her not to get scared, when she hasn’t done anything. Mayura smiles. The security finds the googles in Naina’s bag. Mayura smiles. Omkar gets shocked.

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