Pinjra 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 2nd October 2020 Omkar shouts at the doctor. He picks a stone. Omkar says I drew Mayura’s line in my hands and now you’re saying she will get out of my hands. So I will write her darker. He cuts his hand. Manjali is scared. She says stop it Omi. He says Mayura will be in my hands forever. Guru ji says her beauty will become a curse in your life. She is a free bird. He leaves. Manjali says he left.

Omkar says we will do pooja for Mayura. Call a good pandit. Manjali says but Mayura is sleeping and I don’t know if she will say yes for such pooja. Piyush sorry I came on wrong time. The press conference is ready. Manjali says go Omi. Sanjay and Megha come. He says sorry I got late. Omkar says time is the real money. Manjali says I told you so many times come on time.

Manjali prepares arti. She collides with Megha. Megha says your leaf fell down. She says I did it by mistake. Manjali says can’t you see. Also do you guys always show up uninvited? She says this is my sister’s house. And my husband might be your servant and I am not. Manjali says you can’t meet Mayura. Megha says why? She says this isn’t your court.

Scene 2
Omkar comes to make his deal. He says I have to be there for Mayura. Omkar calls Manjali to ask if Mayura is okay. Megha hides in Mayura’s room. Megha sneaks into Mayura’s room. She tries to wake her up but Mayura doesn’t get up.

Omkar is locked in the office. He breaks things in anger. Omkar says I have to be home for Mayura.

Manjali comes to Mayyura’s room and pours gangajal. Megha hides. Manjali says why isn’t Omi back. Pandit ji says to Manjali where is Omi? We haev to start the pooja on time. Omkar breaks the door. Manjali is waiting for him for the pooja. He comes home running. Omkar says maa, I have to make Mayura’s beauty a permanent part of my life. I have to make her mine forever. Guru ji said her beauty can’t be mine forever. Megha hears all this.

Omkar starts the pooja. Megha wonders what is going on here. Manjali feels like someone is there. She looks around. Omkar brings fainted Mayura there. He says I have to make you mine forever. I can’t lose anything. I will make you beauty mine forever. Megha says he’s crazy. Omkar ties ropes on himself. Manjali places candles on his hand. Manjali says I hope Mayura understands what you did for her. You’re doing all this for her. Manjali makes a circle of fire around him. He stands on one leg. Omkar says I have written your beauty on my hands forever. Megha says he’s totally crazy for her beauty. He’s superstitious. Mayura will never be happy. She will be caged in this house. Manjali says you are such a great husband. I will tell her you did all this for her. How can she get out of the pinjara of your love.


Pinjra 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Omkar says Mayura I can see a stain on moon but not your face. Mayura says Omkar loves my beauty not me.


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