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Pinjra 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 5th July 2021 Mayura makes fun of Naina and Omkar as Naina gets accused of stealing the sunglasses. She mocks them being poor and stealing. Naina cries and Omkar pacifies her that nothing will happen. Manager says he need to call the police. Mayura recalls how she kept sunglasses in Naina’s purse. Mayura is about to leave the store, when Omkar asks her how can she go without passing through the security gate. He asks manager if protocols aren’t same for everyone.

When Mayura passes by it, machine makes the beep sound. Mayura says the machine is not working and is about to leave. Omkar asks manager to check her or else when police comes he will lodge a complaint against manager for discrimination between poor and rich. Mayura scolds him and says she bought lots of things from the store however when her purse is checked an extra sunglasses is found which was not paid by her. Omkar mocks her for stealing inspite of being so rich. Mayura’s friends say they cannot fall into this problem and leave her alone to handle the issue. Mayura is about to blurt how she had stealthily kept sunglass in Naina’s purse but she stops.

Mayura tells she will pay for the sunglasses. Omkar tells this is not how rules work. He gives manager two options, either to let him and Naina leave or get the cctv footage checked and find out who kept sunglasses in Naina’s and Mayura’s purse. Mayura thinks she will get caught if cctv footage is checked so she signs manager to let Omkar go. Omkar tells manager how he was so partial and leaves. Outside Omkar mocks Mayura and tells how her friends left her alone in the storm before and again today, whereas he and his friend had been there for each other in tough times.

Omkar tells Mayura she can buy friends but not friendship. He tells that if she doesn’t change her attitude, soon there wil be no one else by her side. Mayura gets angry. Mayura’s friend makes excuses and defend themselves. Mayura sees a balloon vendor and says she wants to buy them all. She tells her friends that within two weeks she will make Omkar fall madly in love with her and then break his heart.

Ishan calls Mayura and informs her about party at college for participants of sword fighting competition. Mayura and Ishan make a plan to insult Omkar in the party. Ishan tells his friend about his plan of trapping Omkar. Two boys tells Omkar about party and that he will get ₹10k. Omkar thinks its too much for a competition and finds it suspicious however he agrees to go party after Naina insists him. Mayura gets ready and praises her own beauty. Mayura’s father stops her and says he wants to talk to her, but when Mayura tells Ishan is picking her up he allows her to go.

At party, Ishan praises Mayura for looking stunning. Mayura asks about Omkar. Omkar comes to party and girls praise him saying he looks handsome. The episode ends with Mayura stealing glances at Omkar and thinking Omkar has no idea what will happen to him in the party.

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