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Pinjra 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 6th July 2021 Omkar and Mayura steal glances at each other. Omkar videocalls Naina and she praises he looks so handsome. She asks him to show around, and thinks Mayura looks really beautiful. She hopes Mayura doesn’t snatch Omkar from her. Later, Principal announces about rewarding Omkar with cash prize and calls him on stage. He asks Omkar to give speech. Omkar tells that sword fighting competition was his gateway to fulfil his dreams. Mayura gets annoyed by hearing his speech.

Omkar gets bored at party. Mayura’s friends teases her if she got so much ready for impressing Omkar. She says he don’t deserve so much attention. Omkar is about to leave the party and suddenly Yeh Pagalpan Hai plays and he starts getting flashback of dancing with Mayura. He pulls Mayura on dance floor and they dance romantically as same is shown in parallels with the past. Ishan gets very angry and pulls out the wire to stop music. Omkar gets shocked as why he danced like that, he says sorry to Mayura and leaves.

Ishan asks Mayura to go outside and execute the plan. As Omkar is outside he hears Mayura shouts for help. Ishan tells his friends that goons he had called didn’t come and wonders what Mayura is still doing outside. Omkar says he won’t let anything happen to her and badly beats up the goons. Mayura tries to stop him from beating goons more. Mistakenly Mayura gets pushed and gets injured on head. Mayura faints and Omkar hugs her saying he cannot lose her again. As Mayura gains consciousness, Omkar quickly wraps his handkerchief on her head and hugs her. Mayura hugs him back.

Ishan comes there and gets angry. He asks Mayura to come with him. He makes Mayura sit on bench and gives her water. He starts shouting at Omkar for misbehaving with Mayura. He says at first he forcibly danced with her and then now he attacked her. Omkar tells him not to speak nonsense. Principal and all the students gather there and ask about the matter. Ishan badmouths Omkar and says girls in college will not be safe if he studies here. Omkar tells him he doesn’t need to prove how much he respects females. He tells he just saved Mayura from goons.

Ishan says but he saw only Omkar outside with Mayura. He asks Principal to let Mayura tell what happened. Ishan tells Mayura that his goons didn’t come but whoever they were its good for their plan and asks her to blame Omkar. Mayura tells Omkar saved her from goons. Principal appreciates Omkar and everyone claps for him. Ishan gets shocked. Omkar is about to leave when Mayura stops him and kisses him on the cheek and says thank you. Mayura thinks how she was one who paid the goons and she will now trap Omkar in prison of her love.

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