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Pinjra 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Omkar and Mayura coming out of the blast. Omkar asks Mayura if she is fine? Mayura says she is fine and asks if he is fine. They have a hug. Raghav comes there and asks if they are fine, says don’t know how this cylinder blasted and this blast. Mayura slaps him. Raghav says Mayura. Mayura says it is nothing infront of your wrong deed, you attempted to kill Omkar. She says you had said that Omkar is taken for the workshop and asks what kind of workshop is going on here in the closed room and this blast. She asks him to answer and says this is not the coincidence.

Raghav gives his ID card to him and asks her to become ACP then, what is the use of me? He asks what will I benefit? Omkar says you have done this to keep me away from Mayura. Raghav says you got far from Mayura, due to Vishaka’s murder case, I came later. He says if I wanted to kill Omkar, then would have let him have bullet on his chest. Mayura asks why did you lie to me that Omkar is brought for the workshop. Raghav says you would have felt bad that prisoners are made to do work. Omkar says whom God wants to stay safe, nobody can harm him. Mayura asks what do you mean by Omkar will be freed today.

Raghav says I have understood that it was your plan to call me for dinner. He says my seniors had called me for this case. Omkar says if you had not returned this case, then how your truth would have been exposed. Raghav says I am dismissing myself from this case, crime branch will take you to your destination. Mayura tells Omkar that she will meet him in the PS. Omkar is taken by Police. Raghav comes to his house and asks why did you act to be my friend? He says why you couldn’t see that I am better than Omkar for you. He gets a call from someone. He says I know that my plan has failed, if Mayura wouldn’t have been there, then I would have killed Omkar. He says you can give me any punishment.

Mayura and Omkar hug each other in the PS. Omkar tells Mayura that Raghav threatened him that he will keep him far from her, made him beaten up and took bullet on himself to gain your trust. He says he is not good. Mayura says you are saying right, today Raghav told that made me thinking that he came after Vishaka’s death. He says he came on the Vishaka’s murder day. Mayura says she enquired about him and came to know that he was posted in UP and not in MP. She tells that that day he was talking about some woman and tells that she will find out. She hopes crime branch finds the truth.

Raghav calls Pandey and asks him to make sure Omkar doesn’t get bail and steals some papers. Megha comes home and tells that bail is rejected. Mayura says I will talk to Judge. Manjari says I will talk to him. They see Omkar coming with Pandey. Manjari hugs Omkar. Omkar tells that he got the bail, but he has to stay inside the house. Megha says sorry to Mayura, says omkar wanted to surprise her and that’s why she didn’t tell anything. Manjari takes off bad sight off omkar and puts the chillies in the coal pot. They all cough. Mayura and Omkar tease each other. Manjari says she will take off the bad sight from her too. Pandey tells Omkar that he has tracker on his foot, if he goes out of house or anywhere, then they will come to know. Omkar says just as you opened handcuff, you will take out this tracker too.

Later Manjari feeds food to Omkar with the spoon. Mayura and Omkar miss Tara. Manjari says laddoo is remaining. Mayura says kheer is also remaining, which I made with my hand and goes to get it. Manjari asks Omkar if he don’t want to eat laddoo? Omkar says no. Mayura is going, when Omkar pulls her and tells that she was teasing him along with his mother. Mayura says yes, I wanted to keep my husband happy and take care of him. Omkar asks her to love him a bit to make him happy. Mayura moves away. Omkar comes and hugs her. Mayura smiles. Khawaish meri…yeh pagalpan hai….plays….She kisses on his cheeks and says shall we go, everyone must be searching us. Omkar moves the tracker on his foot. Mayura feels his pain and gets teary eyes. Omkar tells that he has realized the pain given by him, after staying in jail. Manjari calls Mayura.

Later Mayura gets a call and tells Omkar that Sanjay saw Raghav going out of city. She says she has to go there. Omkar says you can’t go alone, I will come with you. Mayura looks at his tracker and asks him to be at home. She says once she finds out the secret then he will be free. Mayura reaches the place and calls Megha. Megha says Raghav went inside, we are standing outside and asks her to be careful. Mayura says ok. She hears glass breaking sound and tries to look inside the window. Raghav tells the lady that he has done a mistake and will rectify it. The lady aims gun at him. Raghav asks do you know what is the result of shooting a police officer. Vishaka gets up from the chair. Mayura is shocked to see her alive.

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