Pishachini 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 12th September 2022 Pishachini disappears from the car. She stands in front of their car with her hair open. Sudhakar says to Sapna how did this happen? Shikha says in her heart she has to come back. Vidya says there is no such college that she mentioned. Himani tries to reverse the car.

Pishachini surrounds their car with their hair. She throws the car and they all die. Dada Ji prays Himani and her parents are safe. Pavitra comes and says it’s the right time to tell them the truth. You can tell them. Rocky comes in. Sapna asks what happened. He says accident. Sapna says who?

He says three people died. Himani’s dad Alok, mom, and Himani. They’re shocked. Everyone is shocked. Sanchit cries. Rani comes in. She’s injured. Sapna hugs her. Rocky says to Pavitra it all happened because of you. They had to leave because of your questions. Three lives ended because of you. He goes to his room in anger. Sapna takes Rani in.

Scene 2
Pavitra cries. She says I couldn’t save them. No one even took me to the funeral. Dada Ji says it’s not your fault. Pavitra says because of me they had to leave. Dada ji says it was my plan. I thought we would be able to save them. We can’t give up. Pishachini will make us all witch. She did it not us. She killed them like she killed your family. She can kill anyone for her benefit. She wants to be a part of this family.

Sapna says you are a part of this family. We are all with you. Rani says I have no family left now. How will I live? They’re all gone. My mom was so happy to see me as a bride. I couldn’t fulfill her dream.

Himani was driving in anger. She was mad at Pavitra questioning my family. She was driving in anger. If Pavitra didn’t ask these questions my parents would have been alive. Babli says why did she do it. Rani says she doesn’t like me. Pavitra wasn’t expecting Rocky to say yes to me. I tried becoming friends with her. They all try to calm her down. Sapna says Pavitra is responsible for this. I didn’t expect this from her. Pavitra comes there.

Rocky says to Pavitra they’re not saying anything because you’re a guest but you’re responsible for it. Rani dances in her room. Pavitra says Rani killed them like she killed my family. She made me an orphan. I know you don’t believe me, but I will take my revenge. Pavitra says Rani killed them, give me one chance to prove. She cries and hugs Rocky. Pavitra looks for Rocky.

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