Pishachini 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 13th September 2022 Rani looks for Rocky. Sapna comes to her room. She’s crying. Sapna says she’s in pain. Babli says do you really think Pavitra did this for Rocky? Sapna says if there’s any such thing we have to end it.

Pavitra prays that she finds proof before they ask her to leave. Rani touches Shikha’s face. Her scar disappears. Shikha is shocked. She says my scar. it’s gone. I am so happy. I can smile. I will have a mirror.

But you were gonna give it gradually. She says this is a gift for you. You will get many rewards. Vidya hears someone laughing. She peeks in and sees Rani laughing. Rani sees her. She says do you need anything? Vidya says sorry for disturbing you.

Vidya tells Sanchit. He says she lost her family, how can she laugh? Vidya says Pavitra’s questions were right. There was no picture of her in a family album, she has no trace on social media, college is fake and she lost her family but she has no bruise from the same car?

Now Rani was laughing. Rocky comes. He says are you sure she was laughing? She says yes it was her. There was someone else in the room too. She has no one here then who was she laughing with?

Scene 2
Pavitra sees another page in the book. She reeds Pishachini’s weakness. She calls Rocky. Rocky comes to Rani’s room. She’s asleep. He wakes her up. He says good morning. She says sorry I woke up late.

He said you were tired. You needed rest. Have breakfast, Rocky brings breakfast towards her. Rani is scared. Pavitra peeks in. Pavitra told Rocky Pishachini can’t eat. She won’t eat if you force her. You will see. Rocky says you have to eat. She says I don’t feel like it. He says when did you eat last? I didn’t see you eating.

Pishachini recalls she couldn’t eat after becoming a witch. She said I will eat later. He says you have to eat for me. He tries to make her eat. Rani looks outside. She says who’s playing this drum? She runs out. Rocky goes outside.

There’s a band outside. Rocky says what is this? Sapna says you and Rani will get married in 3 days. We need this for Rani. It was her parent’s wish. Sudhakar says we will do the wedding as per schedule.

Sanchit says don’t think about me, Rocky. They discussed it with me. We can do this for her parents. It will make me happy. Rocky says will Rani marry in this condition? Sapna says I know she won’t say no. Rani says my parents chose the best family for me. I see my mom in you. Can I call you mummy now?

She says yes. She hugs her. Rani says I am ready for this marriage. Vidya says are you okay with it Rocky? Shikha says rocky told him yes already. Babli says let’s prepare. Rocky says I feel like.

I want to say. Sudhakar says what? Prepare for the wedding. You said yes. Sapna brings sweets and makes RAni eat. She eats it. Pavitra is shocked. She wonders how did she eat? Babli says your parents will be very happy. Rani runs crying inside. Sapna says she’s so upset.

Rani vomits the food out. Her face is black. Pavitra takes her photos.

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