Pishachini 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 15th August 2022 Pishachini comes into Pavitra’s room. She tries to touch her face but she can’t. Pavitra wakes up. She feels scared. Rocky and his siblings are in the jungle. He says I will find her tonight if she’s real. Divya says she comes on fragrance. He says put it on me. He applies perfume all over.

He says now she will come running to me. Pishachini is on the tree. Shikha falls. Sachin and Divya hold her. Rocky looks back. He hears someone laughing. Sachin says we have to go back. Rocky hears the anklet. He says where are you? Don’t make me wait so much.

Pishachini is about to touch Rocky’s shoulder.. He falls. Pavitra is in front of him. He falls on her. she says what are you doing here? He says I am looking for that witch. She says I heard a noise. She says you made me fall.

He says you fell yourself and made me fall. He says you ruined my plan. I have to find Pishachini. Pavitra says she will eat you up. She says why do you have a ladies’ perfume on? He says this is called Pishachini. Babu ji screams why are you all outside? Come in. Divya says I heard where Pishachini is, there are white flowers.

Pavitra sees white flowers. She’s scared. Babu Ji asks her to come in. She asks dada Ji if what Divya said was right. He says we want to keep you away from here. You have to go back home abroad. We will go back to Bareli. She says you’re from Bareli? He says yes. She says that’s my birthplace.

He asks about her parents. She says they passed away 20 years ago. She shows him their photo and tells them their names. She says this is my granddad, pandit deen Dayal Shaha. Babu Ji recalls he’s the same pandit who saved them from Pishachini. She says you’re his granddaughter? She says yes. DO you know him? He says yes they stood by us. She asks about them. He says we have to go home and rest. Pavitra goes inside.

Scene 2
Pishachini comes to Pratik and Amrita. She says I have to go to Bareli at any cost. You have to make it happen. He says but for that they will have to take that trunk. She says I’ve planned that already. She says sent it through Pavitra. Keep her away from my prince. Pavitra thinks about what happened.

Pavitra goes to the lake and does pooja. Babu Ji says you’re just like your granddad. She says I wish he was here. He says yes he was taken from us. She says please tell me about him. I want to know the truth. What happened to my parents and grandparents? They met in an accident. That’s what I was told.

My granddad helped you with everything. You’ve to help me find the truth. My aunt never lets me go to Bareli. He says pandit Ji haad power to control black powers. I went to her 20 years ago to save my family from Pishachini. Babu Ji tells her everything about how pandit Ji locked Pishachini in a trunk and how Pratik and Amrita took it. He rushed from the village in a car. Pavitra was in the same car as her parents.

Pishachini got into the car. She got into Pavitra’s dad and the car crashed into a trunk. Pandit Ji threw Pavitra out and she fell in hands on a man at a caravn. Dada Ji says you were too young.

The car crashed. Pavitra says while dying my granddad said you can kill her. I used to wonder who was he talking about. I know now. Pishachini. I have to end her. She killed my family. Babu Ji says it’s not easy. What do you want to do? Pavitra says my nanu wanted me to end Pishachini. I will do that. I won’t let her kill anyone else.

Pishachini is on Rocky’s bed. She says I will make you mine. You will make my dreams come true.


Pishachini 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratik keeps the box under a chandelier. Pavitra tells Rocky they should go on treasure hunt to find Pischachin’s box. Dadhi is looking for the box. Pischachini attacks him.


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