Pishachini 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 18th August 2022 Dada ji says I will tie this pandit ji’s cloth over this trunk. Pavitra sits there. Pishachini can’t touch her. She thinks about the trunk. Dada Ji runs in the jungle. A black smoke covers the sky. Everyone waits for dada ji. The wedding time is running out. Pishachini laughs around dada ji.

He throws it. Pishachini catches the trunk. Pavitra comes there looking for dada ji. Rocky looks for Pavitra. Pishachini says you thought you could mess with me? I was serving the guests. You got my trunk too? Will you take me to Bareli?

He says never. I won’t let anyone be trapped by you. I will bury you in this trunk. Pavitra comes there. Pishachini says come try to trap me in this. Babu Ji rads mantra. Pavitra laughs. She says you wanna go to God and read it to him yourself?

The wedding starts. Pishachini throws fire toward dada ji. He faints. He runs with her trunk. She laughs. Dadi ji tries to get up. Pavitra looks for him. He tries to run. Pishachini comes after him. Pavitra runs around looking for him.

Rocky finds Pavitra. Their sleeves get stuck together. She says dada ji. He says I will look for her don’t worry. Pavitra sees dada ji coming running in. He falls. Pavitra holds shim. He is taking his last breaths. Everyone comes. They pick him and take him inside.

Scene 2
Dada ji is paralyzed. The doctor says he got a stroke. He can’t speak or move. Nikita’s husband asks how did this happen? Sachin says we tried looking for him everywhere. Pavitra says he was saying back home.

Sudhakar says we should go back home today. Dad ji tries to say something. Pavitra wonders what is he trying to say.

They take him out in the ambulance. The family leaves. Rocky says bye to Pavitra. He says you should come to Bareli with us. She says bye. Rocky leaves. His mom says to Pavitra you felt like family. Sudhakar says come to Bareli next time please. They leave. Rocky looks at her. Amrita and Pratik are scared.

Scene 3
Pavitra sees her things. She says dada ji was saying something else. Maybe she’s trying to find a way to go back to Bareli? Did she take it back and is going to Bareli? Pavitra runs out. SHe sees a woman in white.

Pavitra sees a dupatta only. She runs after it. It hangs on a tree. Pavitra burns the dupatta but it doesn’t catch fire. Strong winds blow. Pavitra says I will face you. The dupatta burns. Pavitra realizes Pishachini has gone to Bareli.

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