Pishachini 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 23rd August 2022 A girl says yes I lost my flight. Rocky goes to her but she’s not Pavitra. Pishachini throws Shikha in a well. She says I bring people here who I want to talk to. You’re my friend, right? I wanna help you.

Shika is scared. Pishachini says this is my mirror for me and my friends only. It’s magical. Do you wanna see it? Shikha sees in the mirror. She doesn’t have a scar. Shikha is shocked. She gets happy.

She says my scar.. is it gone? Pishachini says it will go away soon. I can give you anything like I gave Pratik money. Shikha says can you give health? Dada Ji is very unwell. She says yes I can do that if you bring me inside the house. Rocky waits for Pavitra. He says she’s gone. I have to go back.

Scene 2
Rocky comes home in the morning. Someone opens the door.. He says Chachi my mood isn’t good. He looks like it’s Pavitra. He’s shocked. He says you? He drops a pot. They pick it. The song ek ladki ko dekha plays.

He cleans dust from her hands. Pavitra smiles. Pavitra says you broke this pot? It was the home of this plant but I’ve fixed it. It will be fine. He says it will be, you’re here. Sapna says come Pavitra have tea. Sudhakar says your luggage is in the guest room. She says my flight got canceled last minute.

Vidya says any special reason? She says I came here after many years. Sapna says you’re like family to us. We are very happy. Sudhakar says yes you can stay here for as long as you want. He asks Vidya to show him her room. Rocky says I can. Sudhakar says you stay here. Babi says Pavitra? You should have told us, we would welcome you. Vidya takes Pavitra to her room.

Rocky says I should get fresh. Sudhakar says yes you must be tired. You served dad all night.. that’s why he fell from the bed and you don’t even know. Rocky is shocked. He says what.. He rushes to dada Ji and says sorry dadu.

You have a bruise. Sudhakar says you are so immature. You couldn’t stay home for him one night? He always takes your side and what was so urgent that you left him alone all night? Sachin says it’s not his fault. I was on call. He asked me to be here. I was on call and got late. Sudhakar says don’t try to save him. You don’t do anything wrong. He should accept his mistake.

Pavitra plays Rocky’s voice note that he sent her outside the airport. Pavitra says rocky came to the airport to give me that plant. Sudhakar asks where were you all night? And for whom? You’ve disappointed me again. Pavitra comes.

She says sorry I just came to see dada ji. Sapna says come in. Dada Ji is happy to see Pavitra. Pavitra asks how is he? Sachin says he fell last night but he’s much better. Sachin says he’s so happy to see you. Vidya says let’s go out.

Scene 3
Pishachini says I am dying to go inside that house. Mandy says there’s TV, AC, and so many things. She says you are so dumb. I want to be inside that house because I hate the people who live there. This land belongs to me.

For 20 years they’ve done many good things there. They made a temple there. It stinks of good deeds from that house. My heart burns when I see temple bells there. I will take my revenge.

Pavitra comes to Rocky. He’s eating sweets. He says they are the best. She says you know how to hide your sadness. He says Rocky can never be sad. She says you got scolded because of me. You came there to pick me up. He says Sudhakar was a Hitler in his last life so he has some traits left. She says I can see your feelings, you love dadu a lot. You got so worried when we couldn’t find him in Chail.

Seeing him injured must have hurt you a lot. He says I told Sachin but I should have waited for him to be free from his call. But it’s fine. Where do you wanna go?? Pishachini comes there. She says I will turn that house into my ruin and every person here will become a witch like me and my first victim will be that Rocky. She imagines them all as witches.


Pishachini 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra says all these guests are people entering this house for the first time. What if she comes as well? Pishachini enters the house. Shikha is scared.


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