Pishachini 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Pishachini 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Pishachini 24th August 2022 Rocky and Pavitra come to the dark side of the land. Rocky says dadu doesn’t let anyone come here. He says this place is cursed by that witch. They open the door. He says no one comes here. Pavitra sees the well.

Pishachini is inside. Rocky says we’re not allowed to come here. He says let’s go it’s not safe. Pavitra looks inside the well. She says why is it so dark? He says it’s the darkside. Pavitra says I’ve never such a well like this. It’s so dark. He says no one ever tried to check it. Let’s go. They leave. Pishachini says this Pavitra wants to be my victim as well.

The girl’s family call Sapna. She welcomes them to the house for Sachin’s proposal. The woman says can we come today? They say yes. Pishachini is blackmailing them to call. She’s tied their son. Everyone is happy inside the house.

Babi says I will go to the parlor. Manohar says I will go as well. She says you’re a man. He says I will go. The woman says let us go. Please let our son go. Pishachini says okay.. she drops him. He falls into the well. They scream please let our son go. Pishachini says stop crying. Your son is alive but do what I ask. I will let you all go. Help me in getting what I want. They all nod.

Scene 2
Rocky and Pavitra come to a place. Rocky says it’s Bareli’s best place. He helps her in walking. He picks her up. Rocky orders tea. Shikha looks at the door. She says I can’t let her in. She recalls Pishachini said she will come to their place tomorrow.

Bell rings. Babi says can’t you open the door? She opens the door. Shikha stops her. Rocky asks Bareli what were you asking? He says this is our secret place. She says now tell me your secret. He says I am an open book.

She says I wanna ask something. He says people keep questioning me. She asks why did you come to the airport. to meet me? He says no. Just to have chaat. She says 280 km away? He says it was raining I got lost.

Then I realized you also had a flight so I called you. He says okay yes I came to meet you only. I couldn’t say bye to you. I didn’t know if I would ever meet you again. It didn’t feel good. Pavitra says thanks for saying the truth.

No one is outside. She says Shikha no one is there. I don’t know who rang it. Shikha is scared. She sees milk outside. She picks it. Shikha the pot. Mendy is inside. Shikha is scared. Rocky says now you tell me the truth. He says you let your flight go. Why? She says it’s not easy.

He says you’re shy even if you lived in London. She says it’s not a joke. Pavitra says actually. I. I came here.. for Pishachini. Rocky drops his tea. Mendy says to Shikha Rani will be here in one hour. I will also come, he dances. He laughs and says you have to say this to welcome her. Sapna comes. She says Shikha the girl’s family is coming in an hour. Let’s make kheer.

Rocky says what? Pavitra says she came to Bareli with you guys. I know she’s not in chail. Rocky laughs. He says seriously? Pishachini came to our place? Did you come to meet her? He laughs. Shikha says she’s coming in an hour. Pavitra says I can’t let her come to the house.


Pishachini 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra sees guests coming inside the house and says what if Pishachini enters taking advantage of all new faces are here. Pishachini enters the house and laughs. Pavitra and Shika are shocked.


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