Pishachini 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 25th August 2022 Pavitra thinks about Rocky. She says I can’t be distracted. I came here for her. I know she’s here. Rocky gets Sanchit ready. He says the girl’s family will choose you. Sanchit says it’s made in heaven.

Rocky says do you like someone else? He says I want you to become a good son. He says like you? But I can never be better than you. Pavitra reads her books. She says how do I identify her? Vidya says the girl’s family is coming. We are so excited. Rocky says I can never be like you if I am never there.

Rocky says you will always be there for us. Vidya comes and dances with Rocky around Sanchit. Babli and Sapna get things ready. Manohar says should I bring dad downstairs? Sudhakar says I will bring him downstairs. Sanchit comes. Sudhakar says you look so handsome. Rocky says and you? He says you could wear decent clothes. Sapna says you look good.

Pavitra sees her granddad’s photo fallen. Shikha is scared. Bell rings. Shikha is scared. Babli opens the door. They welcome the girl’s family. Pavitra says how do I recognize her? She reads a clue. She says who can bring her in? All guests would be new. Pishachini could come with them. Pavitra comes downstairs.

Sapna welcomes the family. Shikha looks at Pishachini. She’s scared. Pavitra sees the family. The girl’s mother falls. Everyone rushes to her. They all pick her. Pishachini says call me in with the mantra mendy told you. Shikha reads it. Pishachini enters the house. Pishachini laughs as she enters the house. Pavitra feels weird. She asks Shikha what happened?

Pishachini enters as a girl. She says I am Rani. Himani’s sister. What happened to mummy? Shikha goes in too. Pavitra says no one looks weird here. Who could be Pishachini? Sapna asks the mother if she feels better.

She says yes I am fine. The man says we are very happy to see you all. He says this couple is made in heaven. Sudhakar asks Sanchit and Himani if they want to talk to each other? sapna says show her our garden.

They go out. The mother says can we make this bond stronger? Sapna says how? The father says Sanchit will get married to Himani. So we thought we can propose our younger daughter Rani for Rocky. Shikha is shocked.
Vidya says Rocky’s wedding. Babli says let me get sweets. Two marriages. Sudhakar says such a good girl for our Rocky?

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