Pishachini 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pishachini 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Pishachini 26th September 2022 Rocky gets back to his senses. He says why do I feel like I was under some influence? Pavitra screams Rocky. She drowns. Rani holds Rocky’s hand and comes round. Rocky is confused. Vidya sees Rani’s hand with scars. Monkeys in the forest help Pavitra and drag her out of the well.

The last round is left. Rocky stops. He says something is wrong. He leaves Rani’s hand. A monkey comes to the window. Rocky’s parents ask what happened. Pandit Ji says this wedding is incomplete. Rani says let’s complete it rocky Ji? Rocky leaves everything and follows the monkeys. Everyone is shocked.

Rocky sees Pavitra fainted near the well. He picks her. Rocky says Pavitra.. open your eyes. You can’t leave me. He says Pavitra.. Rocky screams and calls an ambulance. The monkey gives him a tree herb. Rocky picks it. He gives it to Pavitra. Vidya says this monkey was sent my God. Rocky presses the stem.

His blood falls on Pavitra’s hairline. Pavitra opens her eyes. She’s shocked to see Rocky. Babli says her hairline is filled. Sapna says let’s go, Rocky. Babli says what is Pavitra doing here? Everyone asks Pavitra what happened.

Rocky says what happened? Rani says I am glad you’re okay. She says let’s go complete the wedding. Sapna says let’s go, Rocky. Rocky is confused. Pavitra says do you still think we are tied by something? Please trust me one last time. Sapna says did you forget she stabbed Rani? Let’s go. Rani holds Rocky’s hand and says let’s go. Rocky goes inside.

Scene 2
The wedding resumes. Rani comes with her face covered. Rocky thinks about Pavitra. The wedding starts again. Pandit ji asks them to start the wedding from the start. Rocky makes her wear mangalsutra. He fills her hairline. It’s Pavitra. Everyone is shocked.

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