Pishachini 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pishachini 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Pishachini 27th September 2022 Pavitra takes off the ghunghat. Everyone is shcoked to see her. Pavitra told Rocky if you think there’s somrthing that ties us please trust me once. Pavitra was worried. Sanchit and Vidya took Pavitra with them. Sanchit said to Pavitra I got you rental car, I know you feel better now.

They gave her the key. Pavitra sat in the car. Pavitra saw the bag in Vidya’s hand. She stopped her. Shikha told Sapna Rani is getting ready in her room. Babli told Sapna how did that happen with Pavitra? How did she fall in the well? And then Rocky’s blood in her hairline. Sapna said stoop thiking about it.

Vidya said this bag was given to dadu by pandit. Pavitra says by my grandfather. Vidya huged her and said you are helping us like your gradfather did. I know something was wrong. Pavitra said so much is going wrong. We have to stop this wedding.

Sanchit asked Rocky to get ready. Rocky asked should we listen to our heart or keep our word? Sanchit said we should always listen to our heart. Vidya gave Pavitra all the things inside the bag. Pavitra made a liquid with it and Vidya spread it in Rani’s way. Rani started walking. She gott scared and hid her face so no one can see her face.

There was smoke everywhere. Everyone coughs. Pavitra planned something. She lifted Rani. Pavitra came in front of Rani. She said where are you going Pishachini? Rani said you were just dying. You can’t stop my wedding. Pavitra said my God will stop you. Monkeys came inside with Pavitra. Rani was scared. The monkeys attacked them and locked her in the forrest.

Pavitra replaced Rani. Sudhakar says you have fooled us all. Did you want to be our DIL this way? Sapna says I don’t accept this wedding. This means nothing to us. We won’t accept this wedding. Sudhakar asks all guests to leave. Sapna says how dare you do this? Get out of here before I call the police. Sapna drags Pavitra out.

Rocky holds her hand. Sapna is shocked. Sudhakar says leave her hand Rocky. We will kick her out. She’s a cheat. Rocky says before questioning her I want to tell you all I am responsible for this not her.

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