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Pishachini 29th September 2022 Rocky picks the kalash himself. Vidya comes with arti. He smiles. Sanchit comes with sweets. They all do Pavitra’s greh parvesh. Pavitra and Rocky enter the house together. She does all the rituals.

Pavitra touches Sanchit’s feet. She says only you’re my elder here. I will win everyone’s hearts. He says your steps will bring blessings in this house. I found a new sister today. Welcome to the Rajput family. Rocky hugs him and says thank you. Shikha looks at them and recalls her moments with her siblings.

Vidya says I wish Shikha was also with us. Amrita asks what are you looking at? Shikha says I used to share all happiness with my siblings. I feel so alone now. Amrita says what did you get with them? Rani changed your life. She can give you everything.

Vidya brings Pavitra to her room. It’s all decorated. She asks how is it? Sanchit says what happened with Rani was wrong but I am happy you heard your heart. It saved three lives. They leave. Pavitra thanks Rocky for trusting her and supporting her in front of everyone. She says I didn’t get time to explain anything. He says we have all the time. Tell me what happened.

Scene 2
Sapna apologizes to Rani and says we are so sorry. Rani says I told you all Pavitra loved him. But why didn’t Rocky show he loved her? I won’t have come in between them. Manohar says he never said it. Rocky asks Pavitra why didn’t tell him that she wants to marry him when he asked.

She only cared about her mission. He says then how did I come in your way? How did we get married? Why did you come to that mandap and made that decision? Pavitra says my answer was incomplete. I knew my destination but didn’t know the way. I didn’t want you to marry Rani because she’s Pishachini.

Rocky says again. Pavitra says more than that I didn’t want you to marry Rani. I know I wanted it. I know you were my destination. You are my love. Your happiness and protection are my mission. I want to be your life partner. Pavitra says I know it won’t’ be easy. Everyone hates me. It won’t be easy for them to forgive me. Rocky says don’t worry they will forgive and accept you.

Sudhakar says I will never forgive and accept them. If Rocky was with us, this Pavitra would have been in jail. He says Rani you’re not alone. You’re our daughter now. You won’t go anywhere. Sapna says you will live here as our daughter. Rani pretends to cry.

Scene 3
Pavitra asks Rocky what are you thinking? He says I am trying to realize if it’s a dream sequence or a joke. She says only you can make such jokes. He says you said I am your love and destination. And I am your everything, you can’t live without me? He comes close to her. Pavitra says you’re adding things. I should sleep.

Rocky lays on the bed. He says sleep. She says it’s your bed. He says it’s yours too now. You said you will share everything with me. Pavitra says you are so childish and irritating. He says I will sleep on my bed.

You decide for yourself. Pavitra divides the bed and sleeps on it. He says you’re sleeping on my bed. She says it’s mine too now. He says soon there will be no partition between us. She says that sounds like a dream sequence or joke. They both smile.

Scene 4
Dadu, Amrita, and Pratik come to Pishachini in the forest. The sky is all red. Amrita says she’s angry. Pavitra sees lightening outside.

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