Pishachini 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Pishachini 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Pishachini 2nd September 2022 Pavitra starts the dance in the pooja. Rocky dances with her. Pishachini comes in between. She dances with Rocky. Himani sneaks out looking for Vikas. Sudhakar says we are so happy you’re here. Rani says you came back?

Werne’t you getting late? Pavitra says I missed my flight anyway. Pavitra says you really wanted me back so I am here. Rocky wonders why is she back. Rani says is she doubting me? Pavitra says in heart I am sure she’s Pishachini.

Himani falls on a deadbody. It’s Vikaas. She screams. His eyes are green and he’s dead. Sapna asks everyone to start the pooja. Pishachini wonders where’s Himani. She tries to go out. Dada ji is sitting there.

Pavitra says to Rocky I want to talk to you. He says I am going to pooja with Rani. She says I need two minutes. He says I would give 2 lives if you were someone to me. He asks Rani to come with him for arti. He holds her hand. Pavitra leaves. Pishachini wonders how will she stand in temple, her real face will come out.

Himani comes in and says stop. She’s crying. She says I know what a have you done. Her mom asks what happened? Pishachini says come with me Himani. Pavitra keeps an eye on Rani so she can’t do anything with Himani.

Rani says we can talk later. Let’s do pooja. Himani says you have taken everything from us. We are not scared of anyone, we have lost everything. Pishachini sends Mendy. Pavitra didn’t see her. Rani asks what have I done? Pavitra says let her speak. Rocky says don’t speak in two sisters and our family matters. Rani says let’s do pooja.

Sudhakar asks Himani what happened? She says you should all know a secret about her. Himani says she’s a.. a.. Mendy bites her. Himani can’t talk. She stuggles. She shives. Rani says let me get water. Her parents cry and are worried for her.

Rani mixes her poison in the water. Pavitra collides with her and water falls. Vidya gives her water. They all ask Himani what happeneed? Pavitra says you wanted to something about Rani. Himani has forgotten everything.

Rani says Himani is mad at me. I took her earrings. I take her things. She gets mad and then she calms down. I am sorry on her behalf. Pavitra says to dada ji I think Rani is Pishachini. She did something to Himani. Pavitra says I was prepared. You can’t do anything with me. She gave Shikha the other glass. Pavitra is worried.

The pooja starts. Rani doesn’t go to temple. Pavitra says why don’t you step in the temple? Rocky says let’s go Rani ji. He holds her hand and takes her to the temple. Rani is worried.

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