Pishachini 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 5th September 2022 Rani walks towards the temple. She pretends to faint. Rocky says she has a fever. Sapna says to take her to the room and call a doctor. Rocky picks her up and takes her to the roon. He walks past Pavitra.

Dada Ji prays for his family. Sudhakar applies tilak on his head. Divya asks Shikha why is she doing online shopping during the arti. Sapna says Himani’s mom does pooja on Rani’s behalf too. She must be sad. Rani looks at a crow making a noise outside. She says I don’t like anyone disturbing me. She kills it.

Everyone starts pooja. Mendy comes to Rani. She asks did you take Vikaas’s dead body away? He says no.. I was taking it when Pavitra came there. She didn’t see the dead body. He asks how did Himani see the body? Do something before anyone else sees it. Everyone does arti. Rocky and Pavitra hold it together.

Pavitra says I know Rani is Pishachini. Help me fight with her God. I have to save Rocky from her. I have to just confirm if I am right. Show me a clue. A flower falls on her lap. The coconut and arti plate fall down. Babli says the prasad Rani made fell itself. How did that happen? Pavitra says I found my link. I’ve to expose her now.

Scene 2
Rocky looks after the preparations. Rani comes to him. He says are you okay now? She says yes. She says you healed me, I know I’ve you now. Thank you. Rocky sees Pavitra. He holds Rani’s hand and says no one can come between us.

She says what if someone sees? He says they can be jealiys. She says I am so happy. I have one request. He says tell me. Sanchit sees Pavitra. Rocky leaves. Vidya asks Shikha you know Rocky likes Pavitra. Talk to him before he married Rani. Shikha says mind your own business. Vidya is shocked at her behavior.

Pavitra sees her books. she says I have to save Rocky dada ji. She’s using Rocky. How do I expose her? He tries to tell her something.

Rani says to Rocky this pot is so high, will you break it for me? He says for you, yes. Pavitra places her book in the temple. A blank paper opens. she’s confused. Suddenly with flame it opens in folds. She sees something written inside.

The festival starts. Pavitra comes with dada ji. Rocky tries to break the pot for Rani. Pishachini says this Pavitra is hiding something. Rocky gets on top and tries to break the pot. Rani takes out gangajal.

Pishachini is scared. Rani walks towards her. Everyone cheers for Rocky. Rani reads Pishachini has to be distracted in order to attack her from back. Pavitra is about to throw water on her. Pishachini tries to protectself. Rocky breaks the pot and her real face comes out. Pavitra says you’re in front of me now. I was after you for a lifetime.

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