Pishachini 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 6th September 2022 Pavitra says everyone is looking at you, they can all see your reality. Pavitra sees everyone is frozen around her. Pishachini says they can’t see anything. I have many talents, I can stop time.

It stopped when I became Pishachini. You played well but, I knew long before who you are and you will do something. I planned ahead of you. I had to become Pishachini. You won but no one is there to listen to you.

Pavitra says can’t you see your magic didn’t work on me? It worked on everyone. You could stop time but not me. Pavitra says I am shocked, you’re just a human. There is something with you.

You always survived when I tried to attack you. Is it because of that scar on your hand? Pavitra holds her hand. It burns Pishachini. She flies. Pavitra says I will end you. She says to stop dreaming. She says what I did to your dada Ji. You don’t know what can I do.

Pavitra says you took my childhood from me, my family. You killed my parents and grandparents twenty years ago. She says now I realize, you’re the pandit’s granddaughter. Why didn’t you die? Pavitra says my grandad saved me. To fight with you. Pavitra says I am the God of evils. I can even.

Pavitra says to kill me. Pishachini says that’s very easy. I ruin your life and make you suffer all your life. I love making people like you as well. Like myself, they will all become witches like me. Pavitra says I am standing between you and this family. I will lock you in my nana’s trunk and you will never get out of it. Pishachini says you can’t stop me. My story started on this land 200 years ago.

200 years old flashback plays
A couple came to a woman in a village. It was Rani. The couple said we wanted a place to stay, we’re travelers. Rani welcomed them in. Rani said you will be at ease. Let me cook for you. These are my parents-in-law and my husband is out. We love serving guests who are traveling. At night, Rani brought them food.

She saw them packing a lot of jewels in their bag. They fell asleep. Later Rani was peeking into their room. Her husband asked what are you seeing? She said I was looking if they were resting well. Her husband said you care so much about these guests. She said without any price. Her husband said there’s no price for help.

Rani said I am not saying they should pay us a lot but they can give one or two jewels that help with our poverty. Her MIL said that’s not our thought and you don’t think the same way. They left. Rani heard a frog outside. She gave it milk. The frog dragged milk and the milk became poisoned. She said this frog’s poison will do what I wanted.

The next morning, Rani’s husband saw she was dressed in jewels and saree. He said what is all this? Did you take it from the guests? She said no no they don’t need it anymore so I took it from their trunk. He said what do you mean? He went to their room and they were dead. Her husband asked what? How did this happen?

Rani said I don’t know. I gave them tea and then I left. When I came back they were dead. What to do with this trunk? We don’t know anyone in their family. Let’s take the things and bury them in our backyard. Rani buried them. Later, Rani buried another person. Her husband said how can this be a coincidence?

Whoever comes to our house dies, there’s someone behind it. It’s you, you do it for your greed. I know you keep their jewels and you kill them. I won’t hide it anymore. I will tell Sarpanj. Her husband tried walking there. Rani hit him on the head. He died. Rani killed her parents-in-law as well. She buried them too and said now I will live with all my wealth happily and with freedom.

A Raja later came to Rani’s house. He said I have lost my way, can I stay here for tonight? She said yes come in. She served him food. He asked if this was a hotel. She says this is a place where you can rest. You have to go on a long journey. She gave him juice. He pulled her close. Rani saw his wealth.

He spilled the juice by mistake and saw that it turned the ground green. He said you wanted to kill me? You added poison to it? She took out her dagger. The raja ran. Rani said where are you? I know you’re here. I’ve killed 200 people, it’s your turn now. Your grave is ready. He tried to run. Rani came in front of him. He tries to find Rani. She fell in the well. The frog came to her.

Rani says is my death’s story now listen to my Pishachini story.

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