Pishachini 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Pishachini 7th September 2022 Pavitra tries to wake up Rocky. Pishachini says you can’t break my power. My power is given to me by satan. Rani entered a place after killing the raja. It was all fire. She was scared to see witches there.

Satan said you’re Pishachini now. You had to become Pishachini like us after death. Rani said I can’t be Pishachini.

They said you have done many sins so you will get these powers. You will get more powers than humans but you will never be a human. You will cry to be a human but that will never happen. You will have no love and emotions. You will have to turn more people in Pishachini and you will stay on earth forever.

Pishachini says I was a bad human but then I became Pishachini. Pavitra says I will expose you. Pishachini releases everyone. Pavitra sees everyone dancing. Rani hugs her and says let’s dance.

Scene 2
Pavitra comes to Rocky’s room. He says why are you here? She says I wanted to talk to you. He says I have moved on. Our chapter is over. Pavitra says I came here for a reason. She’s here. Rocky leaves her hand.

He says who are you talking about? She says Pishachini. Rani walks towards his room. He says is it you? She says it’s not a joke. Rocky says I don’t want to talk to you. Pavitra says it’s the girl you are marrying. Rani is Pishachini. Rocky is shocked. He says stop accusing her. You don’t like her for obvious reasons.

Pavitra applies perfume on him and says now she will get attracted and come here. She says I care for you and your family. I can’t you ruin your life. He says I can take care of my family. Stop this, please.

Now you’re saying my fiance is Pishachini? Pavitra says I know you are confused but she will come here. You will see. Rani comes and says, Rocky Ji. Pavitra says see. He says she’s my fiance, not Pishachini. Pavitra says please trust me. Rocky says enough.

Pavitra says to dada Ji I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to fight with her as a human, she’s so clever. Dadi Ji says how can you give up so easily? He stands up. Pavitra is shocked to see he’s okay.

Pavitra says dada Ji.. you’re fine? She hugs him. SHe says how did this miracle happen? He says with her stopping time, her magic on me got reversed and I got okay. I had to pretend to be like this. Pavitra says let me tell the family. He says no, we can’t tell anyone. Someone brought her in from our family.

Scene 3
Shikha says I spoke to Rocky, he is happy with Rani. Sanchit says he likes Pavitra. Shikha says he flirts with anyone but he has chosen Rani. Pray that they get married happily. Rani sees the sarees. Himani looks around for her phone. She sees it in the room. She says how did it come here? Ppaivtra says I did.

Pavitra says to Himani she can’t come here. We know the truth. Dada Ji also comes in and says don’t be scared. We can help you release you and your family from Pishachini. Will you help us? She says yes. She has killed my brother. They’re shocked. Dada Ji says oh her magic got reversed on you too. Himani says she will kill us all. My parents still don’t know Vikaas is dead. Please save us, she cries. Rani comes upstairs looking for Himani.

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