Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 10th June 2021 Krishna says why am I imagining her everywhere? He is drunk and calls Pratigya, she asks if he is fine? Krishna says I am totally fine, what are you doing? Pratigya says I was ready to sleep, where are you? Krishna says I am at a good place. Pratigya says just tell me where you are. He says I am in a bar nearby. Pratigya ends the call. Krishna says how dare her to cut the call?

Shakti locks Garv and Kriti in a storeroom and says you both are punished for being mischievous, I will cut your legs if you try to leave. Garv and Kriti cry.

Sumitra comes to Meera and says why are you crying? Meera says who is that girl that Krishna is buying gifts for? Talk to him. Sumitra says it’s your fault, I have given Krishna to you, you used to dream about him, now he is yours and you can’t handle him? A man is like a kite that wind can blow away. Krishna is blowing away and you can’t handle him. He doesn’t have interest in you so it’s your fault. Look at Kesar, Shakti might scold her but she doesn’t say anything to him so he thinks that she complacent. Meera says I did everything for Krishna, I gave up my life for him, I changed everything for him but what did I get? I did everything for his happiness. Sumitra says Krishna’s heart is straying so do something about it otherwise be silent and let him bring another woman in the house. Meera says what can I do? Sumitra says you have to trap him with love and tears, just try to be closer to him. I have said what I wanted to so now you have to think, she leaves from there.

Pratigya comes into the bar and sees Krishna drunk. He looks at her and says I am imagining again. Pratigya asks him to stop. Krishna says this imagination is strong. Pratigya says what happened? Krishna says go away. Pratigya says why are you acting like this? Krishna touches her and says you are really here? She says yes. Were you imagining me? Krishna says how did you come here? Pratigya says I got to know that you are drunk so I came here to drop you off. Krishna says I am not a kid.

Kriti and Garv are scared in the storeroom. Adarsh brings food there. Garv says we don’t need your food. Adarsh says food is of everyone and I know you both are hungry. He gives them food and asks them to hide the plate, he leaves from there. Garv and Kriti eat.

Sumitra sees Adarsh coming into the lounge and asks where were you? Adarsh says I heard some noises so went to check. Sumitra asks him to focus on his matters only.

Krishna is trying to go to his car but trips. Pratigya grabs him and laughs. She pulls him closers and hugs him. She laughs and says yes you are not a kid. she puts him in the car and drives away. She says why were you drinking tonight? Krishna says why my wife wants to know everything? Pratigya says how should be a wife? Krishna says a wife should trust me, love me, she shouldn’t act like a jailer. Pratigya gets sad hearing that, she recalls their happy moments. Krishna says my wife should support me in front of everyone. Pratigya wipes her tears and says you never found a girl like that? Did you never love a girl? Krishna says I don’t know. I think my fate is not on my side. Pratigya lovingly looks at him and tries to touch his face, Soch na sake plays as Pratigya stops herself.

Pratigya brings Krishna home and asks him to come out of the car. She pulls him out of the car. Meera comes into the balcony and sees all that. Pratigya falls on Krishna. He holds her. Pratigya moves closer to Krishna and is about to kiss him.


Pratigya 2 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna comes to his hotel with Adarsh. He calls Pratigya in his cabin. Pratigya comes there and says you called me? Adarsh turns around and is shocked to see her. Krishna asks if they know each other? Adarsh says yes.


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