Pratigya 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 13th July 2021 All are eating sweets. Sumitra says where is Pratigya? She can’t be seen anywhere. Meera says Adarsh is missing too. Sajjan says they seem to close these days. She was behind my son first and now my son-in-law. Krishna says how can you talk like this? They might be friends, if Komal doesn’t have a problem then what’s your issue? Komal says so what can I do? Should I celebrate that they have a connection? I don’t want to make a scene but I don’t like Pratigya close to Adarsh. Meera says let’s go and look for them. Sumitra says yes, let’s go. They all go to find them.

Komal talks to Sajjan and says what if Adarsh really falls for Pratigya? Sajjan says don’t worry, it’s our plan.

All are looking around for Adarsh and Pratigya. Sumitra opens the storeroom and screams seeing Pratigya-Adarsh inside. She cries and says look at them. Krishna comes there and looks at them. Sumitra says she is so shameless. Krishna recalls some memories, how he had found Pratigya and Adarsh in a room before too. Krishna says you both were together before also, Pratigya was cheating on me. I now remember everything. Pratigya is shocked and thinks he doesn’t remember the full story. Krishna beats Adarsh and says now I know why the family was against you. Sumitra tries to stop him. Sajjan tells Krishna that Pratigya is at mistake. Pratigya asks Krishna to stop it, you don’t know the truth, you can’t beat him. Krishna says I can see the truth. Komal shouts Krishna to stop, Pratigya and Adarsh are not at fault. There was no affair between them and never will be. She tells Sumitra to speak up otherwise I will spill the full truth. Krishna got me married to Adarsh and I won’t let him doubt Adarsh. Just tell him that this all was your drama. Sumitra says what have I done? There was an affair between them. Komal says just talk clearly otherwise I will talk. You have hurt Adarsh a lot and I won’t like it if you use my husband. Sumitra says I understood. Krishna says I want to understand too. Sumitra says leave all this. Krishna says this all drama is okay for you? What is going on? I feel like you people are hiding the truth from me, aren’t you ashamed? I want to know my past but no one is answering me. I can’t trust anyone here. He tells Sumitra that you are taking advantage of me losing my memory? I can’t believe my family is doing all this. I won’t listen to anyone, I won’t be fooled now. I will find out the truth myself now. All look on. He goes from there. Pratigya looks on.

Scene 2
Krishna is standing on the balcony and says why can’t I remember anything? It’s making me crazy. Pratigya comes there and says I know you are in pain but trust me this pain will go away. Don’t stress yourself. She offers him milk but he says go away, I don’t want to talk to you. Pratigya says you know your pain will not go away like this. Just have this milk. Krishna leaves from there.

Komal is cleaning Adarsh’s wounds and says you don’t have to act great in this house. Why didn’t you tell the truth to Krishna when he was beating you. Adarsh says I promised Amma to help her. Komal says so her son can beat you but you won’t say a word against her? I will teach her a lesson now, enough of her drama.

Meera tells Sajjan and Sumitra that it was a good chance to make Krishna doubt Pratigya’s character but Komal destroyed our plan. You both can’t even handle your daughter. You don’t need an enemy when you have a daughter like her. I think you should throw Komal out of the house otherwise she will destroy this house. Sajjan says enough, who are you to tell me if my daughter will stay here or not? Don’t forget that you don’t have any relationship legally with Krishna. Meera says I remember everything but don’t forget that if I lose my husband then you will lose your son too, she goes from there. Sumitra tells Sajjan that we have to find a way. If Krishna gets to know the past then he will leave with Pratigya again. She is behind all this, we have to remove Pratigya from our path. We have to find a way which can’t be failed.

In the morning, Krishna comes to have breakfast with everyone. Meera offers him food but he takes his plate and goes to eat on the sofa. Sajjan asks him about the work but he ignores him. Krishna asks Adarsh since when did you start playing games? I thought you wouldn’t play games with me but why did you hide that you knew me from before? What else do you know about Pratigya and how? Adarsh looks at Sumitra and says I worked with Pratigya, we both practiced law together. Krishna says Pratigya was a lawyer and nobody told me about that? Sumitra says stop all this baba. Krishna asks Adarsh what happened before that you made me jealous by being with Pratigya? I remember we had a fight too. I want to know the truth so tell me. Pratigya looks on.


Pratigya 2 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya tells Meera that I thought you are an innocent girl but I haven’t seen a cheap woman like you. Meera says you can call me anything but Krishna will never be yours and that’s final. Pratigya says we will see about that because now I am going to do what I should have done way earlier.


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