Pratigya 2 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 15th July 2021 Garv tells Pratigya that we lost our father because of you, just go from here, he goes from there. Pratigya says maybe it’s better if I should go from here, Krishna and the kids don’t want me here. Adarsh comes there and says I don’t know this Pratigya who lost easily, I know the Pratigya who can fight for her love and kids till the end. This is a test for your love. Pratigya says but my kids don’t want me here. Adarsh says they are scared, you need to make them understand that they are not happy, you need to bring back their happiness. You need to end this battle. Pratigya wipes her tears and nods.

Krishna wakes up and recalls Meera-Pratigya’s fight over who is his wife. Krishna starts packing his bag. Meera comes there and says where are you going? Sumitra asks what is going on? Meera asks him to stop it. Sajjan asks what is this drama? Krishna says I can’t stay in the same room with Meera till I know the truth. Sumitra says you are doing all this because of that Pratigya? You will leave your own wife for her? Krishna says yes, I will find out the truth first. He goes from there. Meera tells Sajjan that I can’t him being away from me. Sajjan says he will never find the truth and will come back to you soon.

Sumitra tells Sajjan that Pratigya told the truth to Krishna, she made him doubt his relationship with Meera. She will never stop. Sajjan says she won’t stay here anymore. Sumitra says it’s not easy to throw her out. Sajjan says my plan is full-proof this time, I will teach her a lesson.

Pratigya comes to Krishna’s room, he is sleeping. Pratigya silently cries and says I wish everything was like before, we are stuck in this mess. We had so much love and trust that we fought together against everything but I don’t know anymore. She starts leaving but Krishna wakes up and asks her to stop. He says what were you saying? Why did you say that we were married? Pratigya says don’t think about all that, just rest. Krishna says I am troubled so tell me the truth. What were you saying just now? Pratigya says I thought you were sleeping, I don’t want to say anything else. I just want to say that I love you. She goes from there. Krishna says I want to trust her, don’t know what my relationship is with her.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sajjan tells the family that I have sent Adarsh for some work. Krishna ignores him. Sajjan says don’t be miffed, I have accepted everything you wanted. Whether it’s staying in a different room or bringing another woman into this house. You have to listen to me now, you have to go for pooja with your Amma. Krishna says okay I will go. Sajjan says the whole family will go to the pooja but no outsider will go with us. Pratigya looks on. Krishna goes from there.

Sajjan meets his goon and says Pratigya will be alone in the house soon. Just go inside and attack her. Kill her and there shouldn’t be any proof. It should look like an accident. Kriti hears all that and is stunned. She thinks to tell Pratigya.

Kriti is running inside the house. Sumitra stops her and says let’s go to the mandir. Kriti says just let me go inside. Sumitra drags her out of the house.

Krishna gets ready in his room and leaves. Pratigya comes there and sees Krishna has forgotten his sacred locket. I should give it to him. She runs behind him.

Kriti is leaving with the family and thinks to talk to Kesar, she can help me protect Mamma. Sumitra asks Kriti to sit in their car. Kriti says no I will sit with Kesar. Sajjan says don’t argue, just sit in our car. Kriti is tensed and thinks about how to save Mamma? They all leave. Pratigya runs out to give the locket to Krishna but he leaves. Pratigya says if he is not here then his locket will be with me.

All family members come to the mandir. Kriti thinks how to talk to Kesar Maa? Kesar asks her to let’s go inside.

Sajjan tells the priest to do a pooja for his son. They sit in the pooja.

Pratigya looks at Krishna’s picture and says I confessed my love to him but he didn’t say anything. It’s fine because I know you love me, you used to confess your love to me all the time. I miss hearing you scream your love to me. I will wait for it. Sajjan’s goon enters the house.


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