Pratigya 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 16th June 2021 Meera tells the family that Pratigya is alive and Kesar hid it. Sumitra says what? How could she be alive after that accident? Sajjan asks if she met you there? Meera says yes, she was there and did the pooja, she gave her thread to me also. Sumitra asks what did you tell her? Meera says I told her that Krishna is my husband and I am not going to leave him. I know Pratigya won’t let Krishna go easily. She asks Sajjan to do something, I am asking for this one thing, you have made Krishna my husband and I can’t bear to lose him now. Sajjan says I am alive too, Krishna was yours and will be yours. It’s good if Krishna doesn’t get his memories back, he asks Meera to not worry and he will take care of her, Meera leaves. Sumitra slaps Kesar and says how dare you.. Sajjan says to lock her in the room and doesn’t give her food or anything. Kesar cries and says what did I do? Sumitra drags her from there. Adarsh looks on. Sajjan asks if he is hiding something also? I don’t care if Pratigya is alive but she is dead in my register. He calls his goon and asks him to kill Pratigya, her identity should be wiped out. Adarsh hears that.

Pratigya is walking on the road sadly, she recalls Meera hugging Krishna. Rabba plays as she recalls her moments with Krishna. Otherside Krishna is sitting in his car and recalls his moments with Pratigya in the hotel. He thinks why can’t I forget about Pratigya? Why is it paining me so much? It’s difficult to breathe. Pratigya comes to her house and sees goons waiting there. She tries to run from there but they attack her and cut her arm. Pratigya runs from there and falls in front of Krishna’s car. He rushes to her and asks what happened to her? The goons are there. Krishna takes out his bat and beats them. A goon tries to stab her but Krishna holds his sword over Pratigya’s forehead, his blood drips on Pratigya’s forehead. She has fainted. Krishna pushes away the goon and hugs Pratigya. He says nothing will happen to you.

Scene 2
The goon comes to Sajjan and says my men went to get Pratigya, she must be in pieces by now. Sumitra says that’s good news, I should tell Meera. Adarsh is stunned to hear that. Meera comes there and asks if Pratigya left the city? Sumitra says yes, she is gone from your life now. Krishna enters the house with Pratigya in his arms. All are shocked. He takes her to a room. Meera says what is going on? Krishna brought her home in his arms.

Krishna puts Pratigya on the bed and asks Meera to bring the first aid box. He asks Pratigya to wake up. Meera goes from there. Sumitra asks Krishna to move away, I will check her, your wife wouldn’t like this. Krishna says I am treating her, I don’t care if she is a woman. Meera brings the box. Krishna wipes Pratigya’s wound. She cries in pain and wakes up. Krishna asks her to lie down, nothing happened to you. He cleans her wounds and says take rest, you will be fine. Sajjan angrily leaves. Meera cries and goes away. Adarsh smiles seeing them.

Krishna calls his manager and says someone attacked my secretary, I want to find out who was behind it, I won’t spare those goons. He tells Sajjan that I will kill the person who did this, how dare they try to attack my staff. Sumitra asks him to calm down, it’s her matter, she doesn’t work with you so why are you worried? You don’t have to bring storm in the house for some other girl. Sajjan says if she is hurt then take her to the hospital. Krishna says the goons might attack her again, she might not work with me anymore but there is humanity. Pratigya comes there and glares at the family. Krishna asks her to rest. Pratigya says I am fine, she tells the family that I am sorry for bothering you. Pratigya tries to leave but gets dizzy. Krishna holds her and says you are so stubborn, you need to take care of yourself. Come and rest in my room. Sumitra says why are you keeping her here? Why would she stay here? She can go to her house. Krishna says she won’t go anywhere, someone attacked her and they know she is alive. They will attack her again so she is going to stay here, till she becomes fine, she will stay here. Sumitra says this is a house and not a police station that will protect her. Send her to the hotel. Don’t you remember what happened to Meera when you gifted a saree to this woman? Pratigya cries and glares at her. Sumitra says now you want to keep this woman here and pain your wife. Adarsh says Sumitra is right, if the family has an issue with this woman then she should leave. Pratigya is shocked to hear him take Sumitra’s side. Krishna says the thing is that this house is mine and my decision is that Pratigya will stay here.


Pratigya 2 17th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sajjan tells Pratigya that you came here with a mission but I won’t let you bring back Krishna’s memories. Pratigya says I won’t take revenge for trying to kill me but I will bring back Krishna’s memories at any cost.


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