Pratigya 2 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 17th May 2021 Adarsh brings Pratigya to his house and says you can stay here as long as you want. He gives her water and she is in shock. Adarsh says I haven’t seen love like this, you made him hate you just to keep him happy? Pratigya says I know Krishna and he wouldn’t accept it that’s why I had to be so cruel to him, I never thought I would do this to Krishna.

Sumitra calls Sajjan and says Pratigya did such good acting, she followed our plan. Sajjan says that’s why I tell you that love has power, this is what we wanted. We couldn’t forget how Pratigya sent Krishna to jail and he was about to die. Sumitra says you are right.

Krishna comes to his room and recalls Pratigya’s cruel words, how she thought their relationship was forced on her. He starts throwing things around and brings all the clothes to the poolside. Meera tries to stop him but he says I will end everything related to Pratigya so only animal Krishna remains. He burns his clothes. All family members come there and look on.

Pratigya looks at her and Krishna’s photo, she cries. Adarsh sadly looks at her.

Krishna cuts his arm where Pratigya’s name tattoo is written. Meera stops him and says don’t do this. She ties a cloth on his arm and cries for him. Sumitra smirks.

Scene 2
In the morning, Meera brings tea for Krishna as he is sleeping. She puts a pillow under him, he thinks it’s Pratigya and pulls her closer. He says I had a bad dream. Meera says it’s me. Krishna moves away and says I am sorry. She says it’s okay and leaves.

Adarsh tells Pratigya that you can stay here, where will you go? Pratigya says I have to go. Adarsh gets a call from the doctor and says okay. He tells Pratigya that the doctor thinks you have cancer but he is still not sure. We should get the tests done. Pratigya says I don’t have much time so let me be. Adarsh says I did everything you asked me but now you have to fulfill your promise. You can’t lose this fight, you will go with me, let’s go right now. Pratigya looks on.

Sumitra comes to Meera and asks where are you going? Meera says I just gave him tea. Sumitra says you take care of him so much, I wish I had met you earlier than I would have gotten you married to Krishna. She brings a saree and says you have to keep it, you are like my daughter. Meera thanks her and leaves. Sumitra says I will make her dream to marry Krishna.

Meera is trying to make Garv eat but he doesn’t. Krishna comes there. Meera asks him to make Garv eat something. Krishna brings alcohol and starts drinking. Sumitra asks him to stop drinking. Shakti says he is a new Devdas, Komal says can’t you see he is in pain? Sumitra tries to take the bottle and asks him to control himself for his kids. Shakti says that a woman is enjoying life with another man and you are drinking? I won’t let you drink. He tries to take the bottle but Krishna keeps drinking. Meera asks him to stop it. Krishna throws everything away and leaves. Meera hugs Garv.

The doctor tells Pratigya that all tests are done and soon we will have reports.

Krishna is drinking and sees Adarsh and Pratigya coming there. Pratigya is about to fall but Adarsh pulls her in his arms. Krishna sees all that. He rushes and grabs Pratigya. He says I can’t believe you did this with me. You are so shallow, we spent years together and now you say you don’t love me? How could you? Answer me. Pratigya pushes him away and asks him to get lost. Krishna says you didn’t think about me but you couldn’t think about your kids? I want an answer. He grabs her hand and twists her arm. He says you are shame to be called a wife and a mother. Adarsh says enough, don’t hurt her. Krishna starts beating him. They both start fighting. Pratigya tries to stop them but Krishna pushes her away and takes out his knife. He is about to stab Adarsh.


Pratigya 2 18th May 2021 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna grabs Meera’s hand and brings her to Pratigya. He says you thought only you could move on? I have found someone too. He applies sindoor to Meera and says I have given your place to Meera from now on. Adarsh and Pratigya look on.


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