Pratigya 2 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 19th April 2021 Pratigya asks Sajjan why he is pointing a gun at her? Krishna looks on. Shakti enters there and says why are you stunned Pratigya? Did anyone tell you? He tells Pratigya that your son is the killer of Balwant’s son. Pratigya is shocked to hear that. She recalls all the incidents, how Krishna kept protecting him, how he kept lying to her. She comes to Krishna and says you knew about this? Why did you hide it from me? Tell me it’s a lie? Answer me. Krishna looks at Sajjan. Pratigya says everyone knew before me, my son had an accident but no one told me? I am his mother. She hugs Garv and says Kriti? Kriti looks away.

Pratigya falls down and cries. She recalls how Krishna kept fooling her, she says you did all that because of this? Krishna says yes, I just wanted to protect him. Komal says if you are his mother then we worry for him too, we wanted to protect Garv from you too, we all are scared of your law, you don’t care about your family when it comes to law. You saw how Krishna tried to protect Garv because he knew you wouldn’t stand with us. Krishna says let me talk. Komal says everything is in the open now, there is nothing right or wrong but just Garv’s protection.

Pratigya holds Krishna and says why didn’t you tell me? am I not his mother? Sajjan says if you are his mother then why didn’t Garv come to you? Why did he go to Krishna and not you? Usually, kids share everything with their mothers but look at him, he is scared of you. He told everything to Krishna and Krishna did everything right to protect him. Sajjan tells Pratigya that you should stop working on this case, I will handle everything in my way. This is not a suggestion but a warning for you. Pratigya says you have always been my supporter and now you are warning me?

You all have made me an outsider in just a second? I won’t let anyone follow the wrong path. Garv is a kid so he can’t murder anyone, you people have made him a murderer, he is innocent. I can prove in court that he is innocent. Kesar says we have done everything to protect Garv, nobody wanted to hurt you. Pratigya says you people went against the law by wiping the proofs. Sajjan says the law keeps changing, it’s not about the law but Balwant, if he finds out then he won’t remain silent, I can’t put my grandson in danger. Pratigya says you think you can hide this for long? Balwant will find out anyway. Krishna says how? We won’t let him find out, just leave the case.

Pratigya says I can’t give this upbringing to my kid. Sajjan says to give him an upbringing but let us work on this. Komal tells Pratigya to just follow Sajjan’s path. Pratigya says this is my family and my kids, I will decide how to raise them, I will follow the right path. I will do everything right for my kid. She tells Garv that we will go to the police and tell them everything, I won’t let anything happen to you. She starts leaving but Sajjan points a gun at her and says don’t be stubborn, you can’t take my grandson from here. Pratigya glares at him and starts leaving but Komal locks the door and stands in front of her. Komal says don’t even try to go out. Pratigya looks at Krishna.


Pratigya 2 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The police comes to arrest Krishna. Krishna leaves Pratigya’s hand and goes. Komal slaps Pratigya and says you didn’t have shame, you sent your own husband to jail? now everything will be finished.Krishna is put in jail and he is tied. Balwant comes there.


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