Pratigya 2 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 19th May 2021 Krishna shouts Pratigya to come out. Pratigya and Adarsh come there. Krishna says you thought only you can move on? I will move on too, you thought you would leave me and I will destroy myself? That Krishna thakkur was someone else, he would give his life for his Pratigya but that Pratigya has changed. He falls down so Meera rushes to him. Krishna says this shameless woman didn’t deserve my love. I loved you so much that I never thought about anyone else, I didn’t have any fewer girls roaming around me. Your fake love can be given by anyone else but I don’t need a woman like you. He tells Pratigya that I have moved on as well, I don’t need you. Pratigya says if you have moved on and are happy then why are you here? the truth is that you can’t believe that I left you, you are burning in jealousy. You think I care about what you say or do? it doesn’t affect me one bit. Krishna says you are right, I can’t bear it because I truly loved you but that doesn’t mean I will destroy my or my family’s life because of a shameless woman like you. You have found someone else so I have found someone too, I will not die without you, I will live with someone else, I will love the girl who loves me way more than your fake love. He grabs Meera, he cuts his finger and fills her forehead with his blood. He says I am giving your place to Meera from now on. Pratigya is stunned. Krishna takes Meera from there. Pratigya runs to the house and cries. Adarsh rushes to her and says calm down, you wanted him to move on but you can’t bear it to really see it? You have to be strong for yourself and Krishna.

Scene 2
Krishna brings Meera to the farmhouse. Sumitra smirks seeing them. Krishna leaves from there. Komal asks Meera what is all this? Shakti asks who filled her forehead? What is all this? Meera looks on.

In the morning, Meera touches the sindoor and smiles. Teri Dewani plays as Meera starts dancing in rain, she imagines romantically dancing with Krishna but it turns out to be her dream. Krishna comes there and drags her from there. He asks why were you dancing in the rain? Sumitra says you filled her forehead with sindoor. Krishna tells Meera that I did everything to make Pratigya jealous, you said that I never made her jealous so I did it to give her pain but you have taken it far? You know very well that no one can take Pratigya’s place in my life ever, he leaves from there. Meera cries. Sumitra says I know what sindoor means to a woman so I have accepted you as my daughter in law, Krishna will accept soon that you are part of his life now, don’t cry. Krishna will accept you soon so don’t worry.

Pratigya is sadly sitting in the garden. Adarsh comes there and asks if she is sure about this? Pratigya says I have taken this decision after a lot of thought, this has to be done. Adarsh says you can wait for one day, we will get reports tomorrow. Pratigya says why do you keep the hope up, nothing will change. Adarsh says you didn’t vomit since you came here so maybe new medicines are working, you are getting better so I have hope from these reports. Just wait till tomorrow. Pratigya says maybe you are right but I don’t want to have false hopes so I want to do this today only.

All are sitting at the dining table. Sumitra asks Meera to sit with them and says you are part of the family. Krishna comes there. Sumitra says Pratigya’s place will be of Meera now. Pratigya comes there, all look on. Pratigya tells Krishna that if you really want to remarry then do it properly, you can’t marry her by just applying your blood on her forehead. You will also need a divorce, she throws divorce papers there. Krishna looks on.


Pratigya 2 20th May 2021 19th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Adarsh shows the reports to Pratigya and says see this, you have no cancer, that family was poisoning you. Pratigya is shocked and calls Sumitra, she says I want to talk to you. Sumitra thinks I have to remove Pratigya from my path soon.


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