Pratigya 2 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 20st May 2021 Krishna tells Pratigya that don’t blame me for all this, just say that you want to be with your lover Adarsh so don’t do this drama. Pratigya says you get drunk, shout in front of my place, you fill someone’s forehead with sindoor and think it will not impact her? She will ask for her rights soon so stop playing with people. Krishna claps and says you play with people and now giving me a lecture? You feel bad that I did wrong with Meera but you didn’t think when you left your kid? You didn’t think about morals then? Just listen carefully that I won’t do what you want me to do, I don’t understand these papers as I am an animal, I don’t care about all this. You think these papers will affect me? He tears the papers and says you might break or make relationships on papers but my relationships are not that weak. He throws her out of the house and says I am throwing you out of my life too Pratigya s*xana, I am taking my name from you too. He closes the door on her face. Pratigya cries.

Pratigya comes home. Adarsh shows her the reports and says you have no cancer, you are totally fine. Someone was giving you poison so you had cancer symptoms. Pratigya is shocked and says how is it possible? I went with Sumitra to a doctor. Adarsh shows her the laddos and says Sumitra was trying to make you eat them. I had doubt yesterday only but see that the rats ate it and they died. Pratigya is stunned and says Amma? She used to take care of me, she can’t do this. Adarsh says she must have given you something before also. Pratigya recalls all the juices and says I can’t believe this, she can’t do this, what rubbish are you saying? Adarsh gives her water and says why would I blame her for no reason? If Sumitra didn’t do it then who would do it? She has been showing too much love to you, she kept forcing you to eat laddos. These reports clearly say that you have no cancer, you were being poisoned in that house and we know who is behind all this. Pratigya says I have been living in that house for 10 years, she might not like me but she can’t kill me, she knows how much Krishna loves me. I can’t believe that she will do all this to take me out of Krishna’s life. Adarsh says who was taking you to the hospital? Pratigya says she used to make it to the doctor, Amma would give me juice daily and medicines too. I can’t believe that she was poisoning me. Pratigya gets Sumitra’s call. Sumitra asks how are you? Did you eat laddos? Adarsh listens to the call. Pratigya says the box fell so I couldn’t eat them. Sumitra says I will make more laddos for you. Pratigya says I want to talk to you, Sumitra says I will meet outside and bring laddos too. Pratigya says fine. She ends the call. Adarsh says see she is behind all this.

Krishna is drinking alcohol. Meera snatches it from him and says enough. Krishna says don’t act like my mom, give this to me. Meera says I won’t give it, you are destroying your life. Krishna says don’t argue with me, don’t make me angry. He tries to snatch the bottle but Meera stops him. Krishna raises his hand to slap her but stops. Meera says slap me, I am like a tissue which you can use and throw, you applied sindoor to me so slap me also. Krishna gets embarrassed and leaves from there. Meera says at least he listened to me today.

Sumitra says to herself that I have to remove Pratigya from Krishna’s life only then he will accept Meera.

Pratigya looks at her and Krishna’s photo. She recalls how Sumitra gave her an idea to bring Meera closer to Krishna. Pratigya says Krishna doesn’t know his mother is behind all this, I said so much to him. Amma didn’t even think about her son. I have hurt Krishna so much. How will I make him believe that it was not my fault, his mother did all this. I have to do something to get in Krishna’s life again.

In the morning, Pratigya prays to God to bring Krishna back into her life. Adarsh comes there and says I should o with you. Sumitra will do something to hurt you. Pratigya says no, I have to make sure that she accepts her crime. Krishna has to hear it from her mouth only, he won’t trust me now, it’s my mistake that I trusted Sumitra blindly. I have to rectify this mistake, I will need you but come there later on. Adarsh says just give me a call and take care, she leaves from there.


Pratigya 2 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratigya confronts Sumitra and says what do you think will happen when Krishna knows what you have been doing? Sumitra says who will tell Krishna? You? He won’t trust you and I will kill you before you get back to him. She turns to see Krishna standing there. 


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