Pratigya 2 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 20th April 2021 Pratigya tells Krishna that problems will increase if we do this foolishness, we still have time to protect Garv. Komal says we don’t care what you do but you have to listen to us this time. I can give my life for Garv, nobody can separate me from Garv. Pratigya says I am doing the right thing. She tells Krishna that you have gone against the law so you will be punished but nothing will happen to Garv, you have trusted me always so make Sajjan understand. Sajjan says Balwant doesn’t follow any right path, don’t even think about it Pratigya.

Krishna says no we did a mistake, Pratigya knows the law so we should have told her everything before. Komal says what? Do you get fooled by her again? Krishna says enough, I have decided. He holds Pratigya’s hand and says I am sorry, I was wrong. I was so worried that I didn’t know what to do, I don’t want Garv to live in fear, he tells Garv that your mother is with you now, don’t worry she will protect you. Pratigya smiles. Krishna says let’s go. Pratigya and Krishna take Garv from there. Komal tells Sajjan why he is not doing anything? This is cruelty. Just shoot her. Sajjan points the gun at Pratigya but she doesn’t stop. Sajjan can’t shoot her.

Pratigya and Krishna meet the commissioner. He says you have set an example Pratigya, you came forward, to tell the truth. Adarsh is there too. The commissioner thanks her and says we will have some formalities but this will not be considered as a murder but an accident. Krishna smiles and thanks to him. They come out, Krishna hugs Pratigya and Garv. He thinks we will have to worry about Balwant now.

Pratigya is sitting in the house. The kids are playing there. Krishna comes there and hugs Pratigya. She says I am worried that the police might come here but I will bring you out soon. Krishna says I trust you, I know that jails have good food these days. Krishna says I love you, I will be excited when you fight for me, don’t worry now.

Scene 2
The police arrive at Sajjan’s house and arrest Krishna. All are stunned. Komal says where are you taking him? The policeman says he tempered with the proofs. Krishna wipes Pratigya’s tears and says don’t worry at all, you didn’t take the wrong decision. I will be back soon. He tells Komal that Pratigya didn’t do anything wrong, how can you go against her? Sajjan tries to come forward but Krishna asks him to calm down. Pratigya holds his hand but Krishna is taken away by the police. Pratigya hugs Garv and says everything is fine, Krishna will be back soon. Komal slaps Pratigya and says what did you do? Do you have shame? Did you send your own husband to jail? You don’t respect relationships? Look at me I have lost my husband, you don’t have a father or brother to earn for you. You have become a stone, you don’t care about your husband. Your ego has become so big that you can’t see anything else.

Krishna is taken to a cell and he is tied there. Krishna says why did they tie me? Balwant comes there and glares at him.

In the morning, Sumitra comes home and tells Pratigya is she at peace after sending her son to jail? Pratigya says don’t worry, I have filed for bail and he will be back soon. Sajjan gets a call and the man says your son is severely injured. He is in the ICU. Pratigya is stunned and says how? Sumitra says if anything happens to him then I won’t spare you.

All family members come to the hospital to see Krishna in the ICU. All pray for him. Krishna is losing his life, even Shakti gets worried for him. Pratigya is in shock. Krishna’s lifeline goes blank.


Pratigya 2 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The doctor tells Sajjan that sorry we couldn’t save your son. Pratigya cries and asks Krishna to wake up. All family members cry for him.


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