Pratigya 2 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 21st May 2021 Sumitra calls Sajjan and says I have done so much to bring Adarsh and Pratigya closer. I have made sure that Pratigya listens to me. Sajjan says the last step is remaining. Sumitra says once I cross that then Pratigya and Adarsh will be removed from my kids’ lives. Komal hides and hears all that. She thinks Amma was behind all this and I kept blaming Pratigya for all this. Sumitra mixes poison in the juice and says Pratigya needs to die. Komal says I won’t let her destroy Adarsh’s life, she has done enough but not anymore.

Adarsh thinks he should talk to Krishna. The goons enter his house and start throwing things around. Adarsh says who are you people? Krishna comes there with a hockey stick and says you thought you will enjoy with my wife here and I will stay silent? Adarsh tries to hint at Pratigya’s blood reports. Adarsh is tied to a chair. Krishna says I will take care of you in a way that will make you run away, my name is Krishna so I won’t spare you, Pratigya won’t come to save you. He is about to hit him but Adarsh gets Pratigya’s call. Krishna takes the call, Pratigya says Adarsh I have reached the garden, you come here too. Krishna ends the call and tells Adarsh that I will come back to you. He leaves.

Sumitra meets Pratigya in the garden. Sumitra says I have made juice for you. Pratigya says you should drink it as you are weak too. Sumitra says no I can’t drink it. Pratigya forces her to drink but Sumitra throws it away and says don’t force me. Pratigya says you didn’t drink it because it had poison? Sumitra is stunned.

The goons leave Adarsh, he tries to free himself. Komal rushes to him and frees him. She gives him water and asks if he is fine? Adarsh says I wanted to tell the truth to Krishna, Amma was giving poison to Pratigya. Komal says you are hurt. Adarsh says arent you listening to me? Komal says I knew Amma was giving poison to Pratigya but I didn’t care, I only care about you and now I know you don’t have an affair with Pratigya so we will get married. Adarsh says are you in senses? How can you let it happen with Pratigya? Komal says she sent Krishna to jail, I don’t care if she lives or dies, let’s get married. Adarsh shouts I will never marry a girl who can’t see the pain of others, she had so much pain and you didn’t care? Get lost. Komal says you have insulted my love and now I won’t spare you, just remember this. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Pratigya asks Sumitra what kind of hatred is it? You tried to kill me and you didn’t have shame by destroying your son’s life? Sumitra says yes I wanted to kill you because your profession brought danger on my son, I couldn’t see you with my son anymore. I wanted Meera to become his wife so I threw you out of his life, now Meera will marry him. Pratigya says you are destroying lives. Sumitra says I can do anything for my son, who will tell Krishna that I wanted to kill you? I will kill you before you can tell him anything, your story will end soon. Krishna comes there and hears all this. Sumitra tells Pratigya that our family has become hell because of your right and wrongs. I won’t let you enter Krishna’s life again, I will tell Krishna that you were never enough for him. Sumitra turns to leave but sees Krishna standing there. Pratigya smiles seeing him there. Krishna tells Sumitra that you didn’t have any shame? You were giving her poison? You wanted to kill her? She is my wife, my Pratigya and you tried to kill her? Who are you to punish her for anything? You have snatched my happiness from me, you are so cheap. I could never think my mom would do all this, you have done all this with me. I am ashamed to call you my mother. Sumitra says I can’t see you in pain, I wanted your happiness, you are blinded by her, you don’t see the truth, she sent you to jail to die, you were about to die because of her. You did everything for Garv so I am doing all this for my son. Krishna says enough, don’t take his name, I will never forget what you have done, you did all this for me, right? My happiness is ending my relationship with you, my mother has died for me from today, don’t even take my name, you are seeing me for the last time today. He holds Pratigya’s hand and says I will die with her, no one will separate us. Sumitra cries and tries to stop him. Krishna starts dragging Pratigya from there, Sumitra falls down and cries.


Pratigya 2 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna applies sindoor to Pratigya and says we will start a new life together. Sajjan tells Sumitra that I won’t let them win like this. Krishna and Pratigya are in the car and a truck is about to hit them.


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