Pratigya 2 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 22nd April 2021 All arrive at the farm house. Adarsh says I will go back. Komal says you can stay here tonight. Krishna says yes, we will arrange a room, you have to stay here.

Komal comes to Sumitra and says you will throw Pratigya out of the house like this? All are hating her right now so just do something. Sumitra asks her to take soup for Krishna. Komal asks if she got scared of Pratigya? She takes the soup.

Pratigya asks Krishna if he is fine now? Krishna says I am totally fine. Komal brings soup and juice for him. He is about to drink the juice but Sumitra comes there and says you can’t have cold juice. She makes him eat soup. Sumitra says I brought juice for Pratigya, I got angry with her so I am sorry. She makes her drink juice and says you both calm down here and enjoy. She leaves with Komal.

Komal asks Sumitra what’s her plan? Sumitra says I have spiked Pratigya’s juice.

Pratigya tells Krishna to rest, I will come back later. Krishna pulls her closer and says I don’t need to rest, I need my wife, he hugs her.

Komal asks Sumitra what was in the powder? Sumitra says poison. Komal is stunned.

Pratigya is hugging Krishna but she feels uneasy and runs to the washroom. She faints inside.

Komal asks Sumitra what is she saying? Sumitra says Pratigya had become a poison for us so I poisoned her. Komal asks if she has gone crazy? You will go to jail like this. Sumitra laughs. Komal says we can all go to jail like this. Sumitra says like Pratigya was ruling our house slowly, I was poisoning her slowly too. She won’t die suddenly, she will die slowly and nobody will know.

Krishna knocks on the washroom door and asks Pratigya if she is fine? Pratigya wakes up and tells Krishna to wait. She washes her face and comes out. Krishna asks if she is fine? We can go to the hospital. Pratigya says I am totally fine, just rest. She leaves from there.

Shakti and Samar come to Sumitra and Komal. He asks what are they discussing? Komal says Sumitra is planning to throw Pratigya out of Krishna’s life. Sumitra says I will remarry Krishna to a simple girl, she will just follow Krishna around and not boss him around. Shakti laughs and says you have gone crazy, if I tell all this Sajjan then he will beat you. Sumitra says you married a second woman, Sajjan married again in old age too so why can’t Krishna? Samar says I will marry two women also. Shakti

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