Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 22nd July 2021 Krishna tells the family that I wish I was an orphan then being part of this family, you all were playing with me. Sumitra says we didn’t want to lose you, we thought Pratigya died so we didn’t tell you as you lost your memory, it would hurt you to know that your wife died. Krishna says then why didn’t you tell me the truth when Pratigya came back in my life? This is my Pratigya and you made her look like a second woman? He looks at Meera and says who are you to touch my Pratigya? She is the queen of this house, how dare you touch her?

Who are you? You knew about my love for Pratigya, no one can separate us, how dare you try that? I am going crazy, how can you hate her so much? Sumitra shouts yes, I hate this Pratigya and will always do. Krishna shouts that listen to my hatred then, I am dead to you all, your son is no more, my family is just my wife and my kids now. He tells Pratigya that let’s go from here, all relationships ended today. He leaves with Pratigya and the kids. Sajjan is hurt and falls down. All rush to him. Krishna claps and says now they have started a new drama. What is going on? Krishna says I know everyone does drama in this house. You can do acting but Sumitra will be better. Pratigya gets worried and asks Sajjan if he is fine? Krishna says they are still doing drama. Pratigya says he is not well, we have to take him to the hospital.

Sajjan is in the OT. Sumitra cries and says I should have been in his place. Komal says he will become fine. Meera says don’t worry Amma, you have to handle yourself. The doctor comes out. Krishna asks what happened to him? The doctor says he had a heart attack. You have to give him rest and he shouldn’t be stressed at all. Just take care of him. Krishna looks on.

Adarsh tells Pratigya to make Krishna stay here for Bauji.

Komal asks Krishna to not leave the house, don’t be angry. He is our Bauji, forgive him. I know you are very angry but if you leave the house and something happens to Bauji? Krishna comes to Pratigya and Adarsh. Krishna says we have to stay here till Bauji becomes fine. Meera comes there. Kesar says you? What are you doing here? Your drama ended so leave from here. Meera says I have to talk to Krishna. Krishna starts to leave. Meera says please listen to me once. Where will I go in this condition? I am pregnant with your baby. All are stunned. Krishna says she tried everything so lying about a baby now? You have no shame, how low can you stoop? Your drama ended so leave. Your dream of staying here won’t be fulfilled. Meera says it’s the truth.

Komal says wow new drama has started. Adarsh tells Meera that stop lying to us, don’t play with our emotions. Adarsh asks her to leave with respect. Krishna asks her to get lost. Kesar says what kind of a woman is she? We all know about your character. Meera goes to Krishna and says why would I lie about something like that? Don’t you remember that we were living together as husband and wife for 1.5 years before Pratigya came. Didn’t have a relationship together? Didn’t we share a bed? Pratigya looks on. Kesar says she has no shame, she liked to throw people out of the house so I will do it for you today. Meera pleads to Krishna to listen to her, I am not lying. Pratigya tries to stop Kesar but Krishna says she is doing the right thing. Kesar throws Meera out of the house and locks the door on her face.

Komal comes into the hospital and asks Sumitra how is Bauji? She says he will be discharged tomorrow. Komal says that’s great, how are you? Sumitra says I am fine. Komal says Meera was claiming that she is pregnant with Krishna’s baby but she was thrown out of the house. Sumitra says what? I can’t believe this, Meera is pregnant? Komal says yes but Kesar dragged her out of the house like a lioness. Sumitra smirks and says I knew Kesar was part of Pratigya’s plan. When I have a chance, I will take care of Kesar.

Pratigya is sitting with the kids but keeps recalling Meera’s words. Krishna comes there and plays with the kids. He says I won’t let my wife lose the board game. He looks at Pratigya and asks the kids to let their mom rest. The kids leave. Krishna says I know what you must be going through but I can’t see you sad like this, just forget everything, I am sorry for touching her. I can’t believe I did it. I am really sorry. Pratigya says I am not worried about that, you lost your memory and believed your family. You took my side when you got to know the truth.. yes it pains me to know that another woman touched my husband but it’s not your fault. I am not worried about that. Krishna says then what is bothering you?

Sumitra tells Komal that if it’s true that Meera is pregnant with our family baby then I will win this war. Komal says Meera never got pregnant but just now? She must be lying. Sumitra says we will find out. I knew Kesar is on Pratigya’s side. What if Adarsh is on Pratigya’s side too? Komal says why do you keep doubting Adarsh, I will not like this.

Pratigya tells Krishna that we can’t forget about Meera saying she is pregnant. Krishna says how can you believe her? She is a liar. Pratigya says what if she is saying the truth and she is pregnant with your baby? Kesar comes there and says I know Meera and she is a liar, just live your life together and forget about that cheater. She gives them tea and takes off all photos of Meera. She says Meera was a bad dream which should be forgotten. Pratigya looks on.

Pratigya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The inspector comes with Meera in the house. He says Meera has filed the complaint that she is pregnant with Krishna’s baby but was thrown out of the house, why? Krishna glares at her.


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