Pratigya 2 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 24th May 2021 Krishna and Pratigya are in the car. Pratigya recalls Sumitra’s words and cries. Krishna looks on.

Krishna brings Pratigya to the garden. They sadly look at each other and recall everything. Ek Pal plays. They hug each other and cry. Krishna caresses her face and says I am really sorry, everything was in front of my eyes and I couldn’t see what you were going through, you never thought to tell me? My babu had to bear so much alone and I had no idea. He hugs her and says why didn’t you tell me? You know I can’t live without you. Pratigya says I know that I was scared that you wouldn’t accept my illness that’s why I did all this for my family. Krishna says we promised each other to tell everything, you will share everything with me from now on, I won’t be able to live without you. Pratigya stops him and says don’t say that, I know when it comes to me, you just don’t think logically, I was worried how would I tell you all this. How would I make you trust me again, it was my helplessness, I didn’t cheat on you. They hug each other. Pratigya kisses his cheek. Krishna kisses her forehead and hugs her. Pal ek pal plays.

Adarsh comes out of the house and the police come there. The inspector says a woman has alleged that you tried to harass her and blackmailed her. Adarsh says what? Komal comes there and says to me. He took my photos and then morphed them into dirty photos, you started blackmailing me and then beat me too. Adarsh says she is lying. The inspector shows their photo. Adarsh says this is fake. I have not done anything. Komal cries and shows her wounds. Adarsh asks her to stop it, this is all wrong. Komal whispers that I told you I won’t spare you, if you want to take my complaint back then marry me. She cries and tells the inspector to take him away. They arrest him and leave. Komal says I love you, you didn’t listen so see my hatred now, if you are not mine then you won’t be of anyone else.

Sajjan meets Sumitra and Shakti. She tells him everything.

Scene 2
Pratigya and Krishna are in the garden. Pratigya says I promise to not hide anything from you. Krishna says I said so much to Adarsh and I even beat him today. Pratigya says what? Krishna says when you left the house, I took some men there but I will talk to him. Pratigya says you are right, many people got hurt because of Amma’s stubbornness. Meera got involved in all this too, she would be hurt when she knows all this. Krishna says we can revert everything but we can go to them and say sorry on Amma’s behalf.

Sumitra cries and says I can’t live without my son. Sajjan shouts that I won’t let my son away from us, I won’t let them become our parents. Shakti asks her to stop crying. Sumitra pleads to bring Krishna back. Sajjan says I will bring him back, stop crying. Shakti says I am your son too, I take care of you so don’t worry. Sajjan asks Sumitra to not cry, I am alive.

Krishna and Pratigya are in the car. Krishna says I should be sorry babu, I couldn’t make my family respect you that you deserve. I am ashamed of what my mother did. Pratigya says the important thing is we are together now, I will be with you always. Krishna brings her to mandir and says come with me. She holds his hand and goes in the mandir. They pray there. Krishna looks at her and smiles. Krishna applies sindoor to her. Pal ek pal plays. He hugs her and says I promise you that I will never leave you, we will be together in everything from now on and if one loses path then other one will support the person. We will start a new life from today where it will be us, our kids, our love and nothing else. They sit in the car. Krishna starts driving. He takes her hand and kisses it. Pratigya sees a truck coming and screams Krishna. Krishna swirls and crashes the car.

Krishna is taken to the hospital. Sumitra cries and says what happened to my son? Sajjan cries too. Sumitra says we did a mistake, please God don’t punish my son. Shakti comes there and says their car fell in a ditch and Pratigya’s body is missing. The police are looking for her body but it’s difficult. Sumitra says it’s good that she died, this all happened because of her. If something happens to my son then I will kill her. Sajjan says God is with us, even he doesn’t want Pratigya and Krishna together. The doctor comes there and says the patient’s condition is serious. He has lost a lot of blood but we are trying, only God can show a miracle now. Sajjan pleads with them to save his son. Sumitra cries. Sajjan begs God to bring their son back.


Pratigya 2 25th May 2021 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : After some years, Krishna is shown in the house. Sumitra calls out to her daughter in law and Meera comes there. She gives aarti to Krishna, he smiles and hugs her. Sajjan says Krishna changed since Pratigya left him, our son was lost when she was with him. Krishna is confused and says who are you talking about? Meera looks on.


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