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Pratigya 2 25th August 2021 Sumitra tells Samar that we will do this together. Samar says I don’t think we should do this. Sumitra says what happened with you? don’t you want revenge? Samar says it’s not kids’ fault, Shakti was going to sell Kriti off, he was wrong. Sumitra says don’t you say anything for my son, he was killed. How did you change suddenly? Your father was a lion so don’t be scared. Samar says but I am not a killer, I followed you and tried to kill my mother. I won’t do anything wrong now. Krishna wanted to send me to jail but my mother stopped them, told them that I still have goodness left in me. She wants to save me when I didn’t want to even look at her. Sumitra says what about me? I shouldn’t have trusted you, you think I can’t do this alone. She starts to leave but Samar says I won’t let you do this. Sumitra glares at him and says you can’t stop me. She locks Samar in the room and leaves.

A woman calls Pratigya and says your husband Krishna had an accident. It’s Sumitra who called her. Pratigya runs from there. Sumitra grabs Garv and Kriti. She locks them in a room and says Krishna won’t have his kids now.

Samar sits in the room and recalls how he ill-treated his mother. He thinks I don’t want a life like my father, I want people in my life who loves me. He sees a window.

Pratigya runs to the market and hugs Krishna. He shows her his tattoo and asks why she looks worried? Pratigya says I got a call and the person said that you had an accident. Krishna says why would anyone do it? Samar comes there.

Komal is ready in her room and thinks we had to go to the mandir to start our new life, where is Adarsh? Komal finds Adarsh’s letter which says that he wanted to take revenge from her, destroy her life but he is not like them, he can’t stoop that low. I am going away from your life and that’s your punishment. Komal cries and breakdowns.

Sumitra locks kids in the room and pours kerosene there. She starts the fire outside the room. Krishna and Pratigya arrive there. They rush inside the room and bring the kids out. Sumitra tries to run away but Samar stops her. Sumitra’s saree catches fire, she screams. Pratigya rushes to her and dozes off fire, she asks Sumitra if she is fine? Sumitra is stunned to see her concern. She sadly looks at them and sees concern for her in their eyes.

Scene 2
Krishna comes to Komal and asks what happened? why are you crying? Komal says everything is finished, Adarsh let me. Krishna says what do you mean? She tells him everything. Krishna asks her to calm down, how could Adarsh do this? I can accept anything but can’t support cheating. I will bring him back to you, I will support you fully. Pratigya comes there and says she didn’t tell you the complete reason for him leaving. She tells him how Komal got him arrested and then his mother died because of it. Pratigya says what Adarsh did was wrong but Komal forced her love on him, he went to jail because of her lie and lost his mother. Adarsh wanted to leave her but she wouldn’t leave him. Komal cries and says I love him that’s why I didn’t leave him. Krishna says you can’t force your love on anybody, you have to look out for your lover’s happiness. I think whatever happened should be in the past, you should just move on in your life. He hugs her.

Samar is sadly sitting in his room. Pratigya comes there and says thank you for taking the right step. Samar cries and looks away. Pratigya says you must realize how good it feels to be on the right track, just forgive your mother. Whatever she did was to save Kriti. Samar says I am ashamed for doing all this, I was blinded by Dadi, I was burning with hatred and she used it. Pratigya hugs him and says I know you have a clean heart that’s why you took the right step. Just forgive your mother and forget everything.

The inspector arrests Sumitra. She sadly looks at her family and says I was blinded by my hatred, I have burned down my happiness, I gave pain to my own family. She cries and says if you can then forgive me please. She lovingly looks at Komal and asks her to take care of herself. Komal cries. Sumitra comes to Pratigya and Krishna. She says I have given you so much pain, always tried to separate you both and you both kept giving me chances. She pleads to forgive her. She caresses their faces. Krishna is hurt too. Sumitra looks at Kriti and Garv. She asks them to study and become like their mother. I did wrong that’s why I am going to jail. She starts leaving but Garv says dadi.. the kids hug her. Sumitra cries and says let me go. All cry as Sumitra is taken away by the police. Pratigya tells the kids to always follow the right path. The family hug each other sadly.

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