Pratigya 2 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 25th May 2021 After 1.5 years, a woman brings herbs from the mandir and applies it to a woman lying in the bed. Another woman says you have been taking care of this patient but she hasn’t moved for years. The woman says I feel that God has his blessings on her and he wants to her live. Pratigya is in the bed, she dreams about the accident and suddenly wakes up, she screams Krishna. She looks around and says where is my husband? The woman says we found you 1.5 years after an accident, you were in a bad condition and were in a coma all this time. Pratigya says what? Where is Krishna, he was in the car with me. The woman says it was a bad accident, there is no way of a person living after that. Pratigya says no, I have to find my husband. She tries to get up but screams in pain and falls down. She cries. The woman says don’t worry, God will make you meet your husband soon.

Adarsh is shown with a bag coming out of jail, he looks at Komal and recalls how she had gotten him arrested. He smiles at her and says I knew you would come, I should have listened to you earlier only. It was my mistake but seeing you here means I have got everything. Komal says this jail made you love me, it’s good that you went there, you realized your mistake so now you will get everything. Adarsh says you are right, I am ready to marry you now. Komal gets excited and says you have made me happy, let’s get married soon but hug me first. She hugs him, Adarsh is angry but smiles at her. He sits in her car and recalls how Komal had alleged him.

Pratigya is in the woman’s house, she keeps recalling the accident. She tries to move her body but is in pain. Slowly as days pass, she tries to start walking again. The woman helps her. Pratigya sees that she is in an Ashram. she recalls her moments with Krishna. Saiyara plays as Pratigya works on her body movements. She is able to eat with her hands after some practice.

After getting back on her feet, Pratigya comes to the mandir and applies sindoor. She tells her caretaker that I have to go back to my family, I have to meet my husband and my kids. The woman says my prayers are with you. Pratigya says I can’t thank you enough Mai, you have given me a new life, you are like my mother so bless me. She touches her feet and says I should go. She starts walking but gets dizzy. Mai says you are still weak, you have trouble in breathing so take care of yourself.

Pratigya is going back to Krishna’s farmhouse, she recalls how Sumitra was poisoning her then how Krishna found out and promised Pratigya that they will start a new life. She thinks Krishna wouldn’t go back to his mother so where would he be? Pratigya comes outside his house and sees Krishna talking on the call. Krishna tells the caller that I am warning you to not go against me. Krishna turns to see Pratigya standing there. She gets happy seeing him but Krishna ignores her and goes away. Pratigya thinks why is he acting like this? Sumitra comes out of the house and says Krishna’s wife come out. Pratigya is confused hearing that and thinks who is she calling? Pratigya hides behind the bushes. Meera comes out with aarti as Krishna’s wife. Sumitra blesses her and says give aarti to your husband, just keep him happy as he is your everything. Pratigya is shocked to hear that. Krishna takes a flower, he ignores Pratigya and goes to Meera. She gives aarti to him. Krishna puts a flower in her hair and says you are like a rose. Meera says you are my rose and star, she hugs him. All family members leave from there. Pratigya is shocked seeing all that.

Pratigya says how could Krishna ignore me? He didn’t show any reaction.


Pratigya 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratiya comes to Sajjan’s house and sees all her pictures replaced by Meera’s. She asks Kesar what happened? Kesar says Krishna got saved after the accident but he lost his memory.


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