Pratigya 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 26th April 2021 Krishna pushes Meera away and says why are you glaring at me? Meera starts screaming. All family members come there. Komal asks what happened? Meera says he is Krishna Thakkur? I used to hear his love story in my childhood, you are Pratigya’s Krishna? Shakti says she is a pretty girl but she is calling you old. Meera says I was 16 years old when I heard his story with Pratigya, I have become his fan since then. I pray to God to get a man like you. All laugh at her antics. Krishna says she just came here out of nowhere. Meera says he has made Majnu look nothing in front of him. Samar thinks I should get this girl. Shakti argues with Adarsh over the girl. Sumitra asks where did this girl come from? Krishna says I don’t know Maa.

Meera asks Sumitra to bless her so she can get a guy like Krishna. Pratigya comes there and says she stole mangoes from the garden. Meera says I am not a stealer. Krishna says she is a nice girl, she gave mangoes to orphan kids, they were so happy. Meera says so she is Pratigya? I can’t believe you love her. Krishna hugs Pratigya and says she is my wife. Meera says I am a caretaker of this farm-house, I will serve you all. Come inside. She takes everyone from there. Sumitra tells Komal that she is such a nice girl, I wanted to get a daughter-in-law like her. Komal thinks all men were drooling over her including Adarsh.

Meera gives water to Krishna and says if you need anything then let me know. Sumitra tells Komal that she is such a pure girl. She is taking care of everyone. Adarsh asks Pratigya if she is fine? Pratigya nods. Meera brings blankets for everyone. Sumitra smiles at her. Adarsh is leaving so Komal comes to him and asks him to take her blanket. Shakti glares at her so Komal leaves. Meera asks them to sleep, Shakti smiles at her, Meera leaves. Shakti asks Sumitra if she likes the girl? Sumitra says a lot.

Scene 2
In the morning, Pratigya is getting in her room. Krishna pulls her closer and says you remember today? He gives her a rose and says happy anniversary. Pratigya smiles and takes the rose. Pratigya asks him to get fine soon. Krishna says I am totally fine when you are with me. He says let me love you. He makes her wear the bangles and applies her bindi. Ek dil hai plays as he applies her lipstick. He makes her wear her jewelry. Krishna goes behind her and makes her wear mangalsutra and kisses her cheek. Krishna applies sindoor to her and kisses her forehead. They hug each other.

Meera has decorated the lounge. Sumitra comes and asks what’s special today? Meera says today is Krishna and Pratigya’s wedding anniversary. I know everything about their love. Krishna is love’s God, he is a hero. Adarsh says Krishna is a hero for everyone when it comes to love. Shakti asks him to stop saying rubbish. Krishna and Pratigya come there. Krishna says who did all this? Meera says I did. She does their aarti. Sumitra makes juice for everyone and gives the spiked juice to Pratigya. Krishha says I have a gift for Pratigya. Pratigya drinks juice and opens Krishna’s gift to find their photos. Pratigya gets dizzy and faints.


Pratigya 2 27th April 2021 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra scolds Pratigya that we brought Krishna here to rest but you had to make him work for you. I will call the doctor to end this drama. The doctor calls Pratigya and says I feel like there is a blood cancer issue in your reports. Pratigya is shocked.


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