Pratigya 2 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 27th April 2021 Pratigya opens the photo frame that Krishna gifted. She feels dizzy, Krishna asks what happened? Why don’t you tell us? Adarsh says she doesn’t look fine. Sumitra says nothing happened to her. Suddenly Pratigya faints. All rush to her. Sumitra and Komal smirk.

Krishna puts Pratigya on the bed. Komal says what happened to her? Adarsh says she might have food poisoning. Krishna asks him to call the doctor. Pratigya wakes up, he asks if she is fine? Pratigya nods and says I am sorry for making you all worry, let’s go and cut the cake now. Krishna says are you mad? You fainted, I am calling the doctor. Pratigya says I didn’t eat anything, it’s normal. Krishna says you are not feeling well. Adarsh says you should get checked by the doctor. Komal says if she is feeling fine then let her be. Krishna says she fainted. Pratigya says I am totally fine now, I will get checked, later on, please listen to me Krishna. Sumitra says just listen to her. Krishna says you do what you want to.

Meera is crying and collecting the cake. Samar says I will help you. Meera says I did so much for Krishna and everything went to waste. Shakti says I am hurt by seeing you like this, you can take care of me and I will never hurt you. Just trust my heart once. Samar says I can help you. Meera grabs his ear and says can you even wash your underwear? She scolds Shakti and says stay away from me.

Sumitra says to Pratigya that Krishna was so happy but you had to do this drama of getting ill. I know you don’t care about my son but I don’t care about anyone else but my son, I can’t see him tensed anymore. We brought him here so he could rest but you had to do this drama. I will call the doctor and just talk to him only.

Scene 2
Krishna says she doesn’t think of herself. Meera brings food and asks him to eat, don’t worry. You are here to take care of yourself. Krishna says just give me peace, I will eat later on. Krishna is hiccuping. Meera starts screaming and says he is touching me inappropriately. Krishna gets tensed and says what are you saying? Meera laughs and says your hiccups are gone. Krishna is surprised and says yes. You did all this so my hiccups are gone? She nods.

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