Pratigya 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 2nd July 2021 Meera comes to Pratigya and asks her to leave the house. You should leave from here, if you need help then let me. Pratigya says aren’t you ashamed? Meera says he is my husband and he stopped me, gave me respect as wife, he chose me against you so you should have shame and leave. I will pack your bags. Pratigya says I can’t believe that you changed this much.

Meera says I can’t believe that you came back from death. Pratigya says you can try to be closer to Krishna but he will never love you, I will always be in his heart. Meera says then why would he ask you to leave? He promised to never leave me. Pratigya says he can throw me out but he can’t throw me out of his heart. Sumitra comes there and says then I will throw you out, why are you not leaving? Komal asks Pratigya to get lost, it’s better for you to get lost, just forget the past. Sumitra shouts at her to leave. Pratigya thinks I have to stay here and make Krishna realize the past.

Krishna is sitting in his office. Pratigya comes there. He asks what are you doing here? Pratigya says I have to go to the mandir, will you come with me? I am asking for the last wish before leaving.

Adarsh brings some gifts to Sumitra and says I got my first salary so I brought the gift for you. Sumitra sees it’s a saree and says it’s so pretty. I will cook something for you. She turns away and Adarsh puts saree on the stove.

Krishna and Pratigya come to the mandir. She thinks we came here before the accident, I hope he can recall something. Krishna and Pratigya pray together. He asks why did you bring me here? Pratigya says did you never come here before? He says I don’t remember. Pratigya says this mandir is for couples who want to reunite. They start a new life from here. You might have lost some relationships in your past life that you might have missed. I am sure you must have something in your past life that was important to you but you have forgotten it. Krishna says if you are done then let’s go. Pratigya prays to God to show her a path, bring Krishna’s memories back.

Krishna goes from there. Pratigya sees people playing with colors. She pulls Krishna back and smiles at him. Krishna says I don’t remember anything, let’s just go. Pratigya says at least pray for your memory, I want to do something good for you. She starts playing with colors and pulls Krishna with her. Krishna starts recalling some memories. He gets confused and moves away. Pratigya smiles and rushes to him. Krishna sits in the car. Pratigya runs and sits with him. She holds his hand. Krishna recalls how someone was in the car with him, holding his hand before the accident. Pratigya asks why do you look worried? Krishna says I am trying to recall the accident day..

I don’t understand anything. Krishna recalls the accident and sees Pratigya’s face. He stops the car and says you were with me at the time of the accident, how can that happen? He gets down from the car and coughs. Pratigya rushes to him and hugs him tightly. Pratigya cries and says yes I was with you, I got injured. When I came back, you didn’t remember anything. Krishna says it means we knew each other from before? Pratigya says yes.. Krishna says it means my marriage? I was married and I was having an affair with you? How could I be so blind? I was cheating on Meera? I promised to be with her for life and I was cheating on her with some other woman? Pratigya is stunned.


Pratigya 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pratigya tells Krishna that we loved each other before and there is nothing wrong. Krishna shouts that don’t call it love, it was a shameless act. Pratigya cries hearing that. Krishna is hurt too.


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