Pratigya 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 5th July 2021 Krishna tells Pratigya that I was cheating on my wife? How could I do it? Pratigya says what are you saying? It’s not like that. Krishna says you are trying to tell me that I was cheating on my wife who I promised to be with? How could I? My family was oblivious. Pratigya shouts it’s not like that, you never cheated on anyone. You loved me and I loved you. Let me tell you that you didn’t know the meaning of love, you used to think that women are just objects, you started respecting women after meeting me. Krishna says you think I would do something wrong with you again? Pratigya says I fought with you to walk the right path. Krishna says you are trying to tell me that I was a man who cheated on my wife? You think you could fool me with this fake love? This is all wrong, this is not love but filth. He goes from there. Dua plays as Pratigya breakdowns and cries. Krishna is in his car and thinks what happened? Pratigya thinks he still thinks Meera was his wife. Krishna screams in anger.

Pratigya comes home and recalls Krishna’s words. Sumitra shouts why are you back? You didn’t take your luggage, get lost from this house. Your acts won’t work now so just get lost. Meera asks her to leave with peace. Sajjan says she doesn’t know her state. Pratigya asks where is Krishna? Sumitra says didn’t you hear that he asked you to leave. Komal says he would come and throw her out of the house. Meera says she just wants to be insulted. She brings her luggage. Komal says why are you people in a hurry, this is Krishna’s matter so let him handle her. Meera says I won’t give her a chance. She holds her hand and starts throwing her out. Krishna comes there. Sumitra says she won’t leave so we are throwing her out. Krishna says she is not going anywhere, he asks Meera to leave her hand. Sumitra says why? You said that she would leave the house. Sajjan says you told Meera that she can stay here and this girl needs to leave but you are changing your statements? Krishna says you want me to be silent like a pole? I have said that she won’t go anywhere and that’s my final decision, if anyone has a problem with this decision then they can leave the house. Meera cries hearing that. Krishna holds Pratigya’s hand, he takes her luggage and takes her inside the house. Sumitra says he has gone mad.

Scene 2
Meera tells Sumitra that I should have left the house, he doesn’t respect me. I am not staying here. Sumitra says so you want to lose to Pratigya, if you leave then Krishna won’t follow you, Pratigya will have her path cleared. Krishna will forget you so there is no use in leaving, just stay here and think what to do now.

Krishna puts Pratigya’s luggage in her room and says you can unpack. He tries to leave but Pratigya says you can’t even look at me, are you burdened? Krishna says I was driving the car and had an accident, you lost 1.5 years of your life because of my rash driving. You are my responsibility, I can’t throw you out of the house. He looks away and says I had an illegitimate relationship with you but I need to own up my mistakes. I will bear this burden as a punishment. He goes from there and Pratigya is hurt.

Meera is in her room and angry. Krishna comes there and says I couldn’t follow your words so I am sorry. Meera smiles and says you did the right thing, she is alone so where would she go? It was my mistake to ask you to throw her out. Your happiness is my happiness. Krishna hugs her and smiles. He makes her sit down and says I am so lucky to have an understanding wife like you.

Kesar comes to Pratigya and says Krishna asked you to stay but you don’t look happy? Pratigya says but he is questioning our love, he thinks our relationship was filthy, I was the other woman. Kesar says he will remember everything soon. Pratigya says I have that hope, he will soon know that I was his real wife.


Pratigya 2 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Pratigya asks Krishna what’s wrong in loving each other? Krishna says I am married, you were the other woman and you would remain so, stop thinking about marrying me. I can’t take the flowers of dance bars to mandir. Pratigya is shocked and slaps him. Krishna angrily leaves. Pratigya runs behind him.


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