Pratigya 2 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 7th July 2021 Krishna is out running. Pratigya comes there and says I am sorry. If you really loved Meera then you wouldn’t care about me. We both like each other that’s why I felt bad and slapped you, I am sorry. Krishna says you keep doing mistakes and saying sorry. Pratigya says what you said made me so angry. Krishna says what if I had done it? You would have blamed me for raising my hand on girls. Pratigya says you think you never raised a hand on some girl? Krishna says you want to guilt me into thinking that I might have hit a girl before? Just because I don’t remember anything, you can’t say things like these. He goes from there.

All family members sit for breakfast. Pratigya tries to serve juice to Krishna but he takes it from her and offers it to Meera. Pratigya looks on. Krishna says Meera has made such delicious food, I am so lucky to have a wife like her, she knows what I want even before I say anything. She takes care of me all the time. Sumitra says you are right. Krishna says I wouldn’t find a wife like her. Sajjan says she is such a good daughter-in-law. This Kesar is useless. Meera offers food to Krishna but he says I will make you eat first. Pratigya gets angry and leaves. Krishna goes from there too ignoring Meera. Sajjan says he doesn’t change his habits. Komal says he should have made Meera eat a bit more. Meera cries and goes from there.

Meera comes to Pratigya and says you must have seen how much Krishna loves me, he takes care of me and keeps me happy. He doesn’t even look at you, why do you keep trying to spoil our relationship. Pratigya says you are not seeing the truth, he did all this to make me jealous, not because he loves you. I pity you can’t see the truth. Meera says Krishna has clarified that he is mine so you can’t trap him. Pratigya says Krishna got my name tattooed on his hand as proof of love. If he loved you then he would do something big like that for you, not just make you eat some food.

Sumitra comes to Adarsh and says I am sorry. She gives him a gift. He says it was not needed. Sumitra says I have nothing against you, that saree got burned mistakenly, I have accepted you fully, I am proud to call you my son-in-law. Komal gets happy hearing all that. She says forgive me if you are angry. Komal asks Adarsh to forgive her, she never apologizes. Adarsh nods at Sumitra. Komal hugs her and says you have won my heart.

Scene 2
Meera comes to her room and sees Krishna sleeping on the bed. She looks at his hand and recalls how Pratigya said that he had written her name on his hand. She says she was bragging about that right?

Sumitra comes to Pratigya and asks where are you roaming around? Meera says when Krishna wakes up then she will know her place. Krishhna comes there and asks what is all this? He shows his hand and Meera’s name is written there. Sumitra says it’s nothing big. Krishna says what shameless act is this? She did this when I was sleeping, she did it deliberately as I wouldn’t allow her when I was up. Sajjan says this happens in love, it’s fine. Krishna says I was praising her just now, this kind of act happens when a person wants to do it from his heart. It comes from inside, He tells Meera that I have held your hand but that doesn’t mean you will do all this. Don’t ever do it again. Sumitra says she is your wife. Krishna says so what? He tells Meera to never do it again, I will never get this tattooed. He goes from there. Pratigya smiles.

Krishna is washing his hand and says why do I feel like I had Pratigya’s tattoo on my arm?

Kesar comes to Pratigya and asks what happened? She tells him how she slapped him. Kesar says you have to apologize to him like he used to do. Pratigya says how? Kesar says do you remember he did something big when you were not forgiving him. Pratigya says I understand.

Pratigya stops Krishna and says you are miffed like a cute kid. I am sorry, please forgive me. Krishna says leave me alone. Pratigya says no. Sumitra comes there so Pratigya stops talking and goes from there. Sumitra asks what happened? Krishna says I did a mistake so I have to bear the punishment. Sumitra says what happened? Tell me. Krishna says I feel weird, I remember some weird memories. I see Pratigya in my fuzzy memories. I saw Pratigya’s name on my hand like it was there before. I knew Pratigya from before, I had an affair with her, it’s wrong as I have a wife. Sumitra thinks I have to take advantage of the fact that he thinks Pratigya was another woman in his life.

Pratigya 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra tells Krishna that it was not your fault, Pratigya trapped you, she will try to take Meera’s place but you have to be strong. Meera takes all clothes of Pratigya and says I will burn everything you own and if you try to snatch my husband, I will jump in this fire only.


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