Pratigya 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Pratigya 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pratigya 2 8th July 2021 Krishna tells Sumitra that I had an affair with Pratigya before. Sumitra thinks to use this against her. Sumitra hugs him and says it’s good that you are remembering it now. You told me before also that’s why I got scared when you brought her back here. Meera didn’t know about your affair, she loves you so much, she will die if she knows the truth. It’s good that you are still sharing this with me, she hugs him. Krishna is confused and says how can I cheat my own wife? Sumitra says it’s not your fault, she trapped you. It’s her character, she eyes married men. She wants to break your house, she will try anything to take Meera’s place but you have to be careful. Why don’t you send her away? Till when we will keep hiding this truth? Krishna looks on.

Garv and Kriti are looking for food. Meera comes there so Garv says that we are hungry, Kesar is not here so can you give us some food. Meera says am I your servant? I have my own worries and you both are eating my brain, I won’t give you anything. She starts leaving but Pratigya comes there and asks them to sit. She tells Meera that she thought you loved Krishna but you are a fraud. If you loved Krishna then you would love his kids too, your love is selfish.

Pratigya comes to Krishna. He says I won’t forgive you. Pratigya says I am really ashamed, what should I do for you? He starts leaving. Pratigya says I slapped you with this hand so I will punish it. She puts her hand over the burning flame of the candle. Krishna is shocked to see that and rushes to her. He shouts Babu what are you doing? He holds her hand worryingly. Pratigya gets emotional hearing him calling her babu. Krishna runs and brings the first-aid box. Pratigya says you called me babu. You know you used to call me that all the time. Krishna says shut up, you have burned your hand. Who does that? Do you have any worries? Pratigya says I wanted to wake up your worries, you have done this same mistake before. Krishna says I know I burned my hand to ask for your forgiveness. Pratigya gets emotional and nods. The flashback shows how Krishna had burned his hand for Pratigya. She says when you burned your hand, it was paining me but today my pain is giving you pain. Saiyyan plays. Krishna says if we loved each other so much then how did I get married to someone else? Pratigya wipes her tears and says you will slowly know the truth. Krishna applies ointment on her hand like she did when he burned his hand. Pratigya lovingly looks at him. Sajjan and Sumitra see them together. Sumitra says even after all that, he is still showing affection to her. What if he goes crazy over her again? Sajjan says we have to be a wall between them, we have to make Krishna believe that she was another woman. They go from there. Krishna asks Pratigya to take care of herself and don’t do this again. Pratigya says now you are showering love but the whole day you were roaming around with Meera. Krishna says I was roaming around with Meera but I kept thinking about you, she was buying jewelry but I kept thinking you were there with me. Pratigya says don’t lie. Krishna takes out the jewelry that he bought for her. He says I imagined you like it so I bought it for you. He puts the bracelet on her arm and asks her to go to sleep. He goes from there. Pratigya lovingly looks at the bracelet.

Scene 2
In the morning, Krishna is ignoring Meera. She says I just wrote my name on your arm, I have your tattoo too. Krishna says you did it because you wanted to, I didn’t force you as you did. Meera says we are the same, you have given me a place in your heart but you insulted me so much in front of that other girl. Krishna says I don’t care what others think. If I want to write your name on my arm then I will do it. Meera says so I am not your choice? Krishna says it’s not like that

I don’t need to show off. I am hungry so give me food. Meera says yes. She says you didn’t even praise my jewelry. Krishna says you are looking pretty.

All sit at the dining table. Sumitra says Meera your jewelry is looking nice. Meera says Krishna got it for me. Meera thinks where is Pratigya? I want to show her my jewelry. Pratigya comes there. Sumitra sees a bracelet on her wrist and thinks how did she get such an expensive bracelet? Sumitra says Meera’s jewelry reminded me where did my bracelet go? She asks Pratigya that you are wearing a gold bracelet, where did you get it from? It must be expensive. You don’t have a place to live but you can afford such a bracelet? Sajjan says what if she sold your jewelry to get this made? Krishna looks on. Pratigya says I got it in the gift. Sumitra says who gave this expensive gift to you? Did you sell my jewelry to get it? Pratigya says you are alleging me of stealing? Meera says you don’t have any family then who would give it to you? Krishna is angry hearing that. Pratigya tells Meera that it was a gift. Komal says who gave it to you? Tell us. Sumitra says she is stealing from us, don’t know what else she did to get a gift like this. She must have stooped low to get this, she has a modern overlook but she is filled with filth. I have never seen such a cheap woman. Meera says who would spend so much money on a cheap woman like her? She must have stolen from here, it’s a mistake to trust her. Komal says it’s her character to steal from people. Pratigya says you people are being unreal, I didn’t steal anything. Sumitra says if you didn’t steal then what did you do? You stole my jewelry to get this bracelet. Pratigya is hurt hearing all that.


Pratigya 2 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra is harassing Pratigya so Krishna shouts that she didn’t steal anything, I gave this gift to her. Meera cries and throws her jewelry at her. Krishna asks her to stop it. Meera says you make other women wear jewelry when you have a wife? Krishna gets angry and is about to slap her. Meera goes angrily and starts burning Pratigya’s clothes.


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