Prithvi returns Revelation for Rishabh


Mahira tells Preeta that everyone in Luthras hate her. Preeta tells that she didn’t come to claim Karan, knowing that Karan will never marry Mahira. Mahira challenges Preeta to stop the marriage if she can. She asks Preeta not to beg Karan and just manage things on her own. Preeta promises to defeat Mahira. She vows to stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage. She tells that she will expose evil Mahira in front of Luthras. Mahira gets enraged. Preeta knows that Mahira doesn’t deserve Karan. Mahira is sure that she will marry Karan. Preeta doesn’t think Mahira can understand Karan and her love.

She tells that she will not tell about Karan’s feelings. Shrishti asks Preeta to avoid Mahira. She doesn’t want Preeta to explain Mahira about her love. Preeta tells her that they have to save Karan from Mahira’s plan. On the other hand, Sherlyn learns about Preeta’s plan. She asks Mahira about Preeta. Mahira tells that Preeta is up to something. Sameer tells Shrishti that he doesn’t like her seeing any guy. She tells that she likes Rishabh for being such a nice guy. She thinks why did he get married to evil Sherlyn. She feels happy that Preeta got saved from Prithvi. Prithvi makes an entry in the Holi function.

He proudly thinks he is the most poisonous man around and will decide whom to tackle. He wants to acquire Luthras property. He finds Preeta and Karan staring at each other and romancing. He wants Preeta’s attention. Karan charms Preeta once again. Prithvi keeps an eye on them. Sherlyn and Mahira also get angry to watch their romance. Sherlyn spikes the thandai and asks the waiter to serve it to Karan and Preeta. Preeta understands that Mahira has sent that drink for him and maybe its her plan to intoxicate him. She stops Karan from drinking the thandai. Sherlyn asks Mahira to trap Karan once he drinks the spiked thandai.

Preeta acts to stumble and makes him drop the thandai. She tells Shrishti that she has managed the problem. Mahira yells angrily. She tells Sherlyn that Preeta knows her plan and failed it. Sherlyn doesn’t think that its obvious, but they have to intoxicate Karan in some other way. She doesn’t want Mahira to think about Preeta’s arrival. She asks her to just execute the plan and succeed, regardless of Preeta’s presence around. She tells her new plan to feed the spiked drink to Karan, while confusing Preeta. She tells that she will send spiked drinks in a way that Preeta turns helpful in their plan.

Sherlyn and Mahira think they are more smarter than Preeta. Preeta follows Karan to save him from Mahira’s plan. Karan asks her the reason for stalking like a psycho fan. Preeta doesn’t admit that she is following him. She makes excuses. Mahira feels Preeta will not let their plan work. Prithvi is also around with same motive to break Preeta and Karan away. Sherlyn and Mahira decide to lock up Preeta and Shrishti in the washroom. Sherlyn gets distracted when she sees Prithvi staring at Preeta. She asks Prithvi to meet her in the guest room. Mahira tries to trap Preeta by taking Kritika’s name.

Preeta is asked to go to the guest room, where Sherlyn is meeting Prithvi. Mahira follows Preeta to lock her up. Shrishti follows her to save her sister. Prithvi meets Sherlyn and confesses love to her to calm her anger. She asks him why is he after Preeta. She is angered that even Rishabh like Preeta. Prithvi tells that he loves Preeta. She turns upset. He lies that he has come for her sake, he loves Sherlyn, he was laughing on Preeta’s fate. Sherlyn explains that she didn’t get any property from Rishabh. She reveals the shocking news of Mahesh’s recovery. She fears to get kicked out of the house. They both are afraid to get caught. Rishabh happens to reach there and suspects Sherlyn.


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