Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 14th July 2021 Episode starts with Khanderao meeting Malhar in the darbar. He tells the matter. Gunu ji says actually, that family wants money. Khanderao says you would have all the info, but I have seen them, I think investigations should be made once. Ahilya looks on from outside. Dhana ji says you don’t trust Gunu ji. Khanderao says I trust him completely, but Gunu ji doesn’t know those people, I think it will be good if we investigate this matter once. Malhar says Khanderao, we have spoken on this matter before, Gunu ji told me about that land, Gangoba had seen the land papers, if there was anything wrong, then everyone would have seen it, papers are right, it means everything is fine. Khanderao sees Ahilya. Dhana ji turns and sees Ahilya signing Khanderao.

Khanderao says you are saying right, but whatever I have seen myself, those people were going to die, if Hiralal sold the land, then he would have got money, there would have been grains in their house. Gunu ji says Hiralal was a drunkard, he had spent all the money in alcohol, I never met Hiralal, but I don’t leave any work, I have learnt it from Malhar, that decisions are made on evidences, not emotions. He gets the papers. Malhar looks at Gunu ji. Gunu ji recalls asking Kishan to get new papers for him. Kishan asks him not to worry. Gunu ji asks who will sign now, Hiralal is dead. Kishan says I can get anyone’s sign, no one will get his sign matched, he is dead. FB ends.

Malhar gives the papers to Gunu ji. He says papers are right. Dhana ji says there is nothing wrong, Kishan is a big broker, he has many lands, we know him since years, he won’t do wrong for a land plot. He says Khanderao, I m also sad for his family, but Hiralal himself is responsible for it, Kishan bought the land from him. Malhar says Dhana ji is right, I m upset to know that Hiralal’s family was trying to die, don’t worry, they will get help. Khanderao says I have sent grains for the month and necessities by using my money. Malhar says great. Ahilya thinks why did Khanderao lose so soon, Kaki wasn’t lying, papers aren’t everything.

Khanderao comes out of the darbar. Dhana ji calls out says you are very innocent, you are still like childhood, I have seen Ahilya outside, she was signing you, this is not your thinking, you should run the kitchen by listening to wife, but not listen to her when you run the Rajya, its the first time that you went to your dad with a matter, but the matter should have been such that you win, if any day, you get with a problem in front of everyone, if nobody listens to you, then what will be your respect, I feel bad for you, you don’t follow a woman’s mind. Khanderao asks shall I tell something, I listen to Ahilya, but I don’t blindly believe her, I have spoken to Hiralal’s family, I didn’t think they lied to me, I can’t believe it. He goes. Dhana ji says it means this matter didn’t end completely.

Ahilya asks why did you get quiet here, do you think they lied. Khanderao says listen to me. She says you listen to me, you promised that you will help them, Gunu ji had papers, but we met them, how did you lose so soon, some people are such that they will die, but not beg. He says I know, I want to tell you the same. She says you are helping them, but its their land, they won’t need anyone’s help, we will do one thing. He says just shut up, listen to me first, sit there. She sits. He says until I say, you won’t say a word. She asks but what did I… He says just be quiet now.

He says don’t move now, listen to me carefully, I got to know that we have no proof against Kishan, we can’t prove that Hiralal’s family is saying the truth, Malhar has seen the papers, papers are right, it means that Hiralal sold the land to Kishan, Gunu ji told us that Hiralal was a drunkard, Kaki and her kids didn’t tell us, maybe they were ashamed, but it also matters, say something, what happened. She sits quiet. He asks her to say something, she can speak now. She says Gunu ji said he has a proof to show Kishan is right, you also find a proof in Kaki’s favor. He asks how can we find the proof now, the papers are also right. She says yes, Gangoba and Malhar agreed to it, but proof can’t be just papers. He asks what do you mean. She says we will go and ask them, if Hiralal was a drunkard, we can ask the villagers. He says if we don’t get to know anything. She says then we will get a lesson, that its not right to trust anyone. He says yes, I will prepare well before going to Darbar. Ahilya says yes, we will find out everything and then go to the Darbar, then no one will say that you don’t know anything, am I saying right. He nods.

Malhar calls out Gangoba. He asks are you going out. Gangoba says I m going to meet the new soldiers, did you have any work. Malhar says yes, what do you think, Khanderao told about that family, are they really cheated, or are they lying. Gangoba says papers are right, you have seen it. Malhar says what we see isn’t always the truth, Khanderao has seen the pain in that family’s eyes, it can’t be seen on papers, I told Khanderao that we can’t decide based on what we see and hear, but we do follow that, our spies give us info like that, then why do we turn away seeing papers in other matters. Gangoba asks what are you thinking.

Malhar says I have no problems or doubt on Gunu ji, Khanderao trusts that family, he took their expenses, he has repeatedly told about them, I can’t neglect that, you investigate the matter, find out the truth. Gangoba nods. Malhar says this matter should be just between us.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya and Khanderao meet Hiralal’s family and villagers. They know about Hiralal.


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