Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th August 2022 Episode starts with the dacoit torturing the village. He says Malwa is ready to bear the pain, Shuja will start the mission to take over Malwa, it will start with this village. He scolds the village.

Ahilya, Gangoba and Tukoji take a new disguise. Gangoba says nobody will doubt on us now. Mausi gets milk for them. Ahilya says yes, you have to find out the dacoit’s hideout and where they have hidden their weapons, we have to be careful, we have to win this fight at any cost.

Mausi says you can’t win the battle on an empty stomach, have the fresh milk, don’t worry. Ahilya says cow is a mum, who protects a child and feeds also, I m also a mum, I miss Mukta, don’t know if she had milk today or not. Gangoba says don’t worry, there are many mums for Mukta in the palace.

Parvati asks Mukta to have milk. Mukta says I will have it by Ahilya’s hands. Parvati says Ahilya had come, you both were sleeping. Malerao says she didn’t come. Parvati says she came. She tells them a story and feeds the milk. They ask about Ahilya. Dwarka hears them. She asks Parvati where is Ahilya. Parvati says she would be around.

Malerao says she didn’t meet us since yesterday. Dwarka leaves. Mausi shows the weapons kept safe. Ahilya asks the men to take the message. She tells her plans to lay the explosives. She says I will inform you the next plan, its time, we have to attack them. She takes a sword.

Dwarka asks Gautama why did you make me a stranger. Gautama says I will tell you, it’s a royal family secret. Dwarka says you think I want bad for the family, I will join hands with the enemies, are you taking Gunu ji’s revenge on me. Gautama says no, its about Malwa’s future, not Ahilya’s security.

Dwarka says you didn’t tell me, do you have an answer for this. Harku says you are dragging the matter, even Malhar doesn’t tell us about the politics. Dwarka stops her and says you don’t compare yourself with Malhar. She says Gautama proved that she doesn’t trust me, there are two teams in this house, Gautama and my team. Malerao also asks for Ahilya.

Dwarka taunts Gautama saying Malerao has a right to know about his mum. She leaves. Shuja’s men keep an eye on the villager. Gangoba and Tukoji come there. The goons shout on them. Tukoji takes his knife. Gangoba stops him. He says we got the cows here to feed them. Goon asks what are you hiding. Tukoji shows the roti in a cloth.

The goon leaves. He asks them to go somewhere else to feed the cows. Mausi asks Ahilya to try the weapons and see. Ahilya says I can never think of using the weapon against you, you are like my mum, I can never forget your efforts. Mausi attacks her. Ahilya asks what’s this. Mausi asks will you say this when you face the enemy in the battle ground. Ahilya takes a sword and fights her.

She says I follow Shri Krishna’s words, sword don’t identify blood, there is no relative and friend in the battle, there is just an enemy, one gets a life or death, not every death is of a martyr. Ahilya defeats her. Mausi says no, I was just practicing. A man comes there. Mausi stops Ahilya.

Dhana ji sits eating a sugarcane. Jahaan comes to him. The man says we didn’t find anyone there. Ahilya says they came in a cart, where did they go, find them. Dhana ji says you go to the river quickly, because if Ahilya reaches Jiva first then… I m Ahilya’s enemy, but I know the truth and I accept it, I know Ahilya, the other name for impossible is Ahilya.

Mausi says he is Pitambar, our spy, I had left him in the village to get dacoits info. The man says yes, I got to know about Jiva. He tells her. Ahilya says you did good to come, I should leave from here right now, this village is new for me, I can reach Jiva by Pitambar’s help. Mausi says no, I will come with you.

Ahilya says no, you are needed here. Mausi says no, you need me there, you doubt me after seeing my sword skills, Pitambar will stay here and inform Gangoba and Tukoji. Ahilya says fine, once we get Jiva, the other dacoits will lose the courage, when the king is killed, then his followers run away.

Ahilya and Mausi leave. They reach Jiva. Mausi says we can’t fight them alone, we have to wait for Gangoba and Tukoji. Ahilya says if the battle ends soon, its good, if we wait, then we can lose Jiva, we have to take him under control by breaking his Chakravyuh.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya and Mausi catch Jiva. Mausi keeps the sword at Ahilya’s neck. The goons laugh. Ahilya is shocked.


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