Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 17th May 2021 Episode starts with Khanderao studying from his Guru ji. Ahilya hears the class and also learns. Guru ji says we shall end the class here. Khanderao leaves. Malhar sees Ahilya at the door. He calls her for a talk. He asks Ahilya about Khanderao. She says I will try to convince him. He says Khanderao isn’t understanding, you are trying your best. She says its fine, I got a mantra today, every difficult work happens by constant trying. He smiles and asks where did you hear this. Gautama comes. Ahilya leaves. Gautama misunderstands Ahilya. Malhar says I regret that you still can’t understand her. Ahilya goes to Khanderao’s class again and waits for him. He leaves. She goes to Renu and says I try to convince him, he doesn’t even look at me, he doesn’t talk to me. Ahilya goes and prays.

Guru ji says we will be asking Khanderao some questions and take his test. Malhar says okay, can Gautama and I sit in the test. Guru ji says it doesn’t happen, but I can’t refuse to you, I m happy to see your interest in your son’s life. Khanderao studies and prepares for the test. Ahilya sits away and waits for him. Bana and Dwarka see Ahilya waiting. Ahilya says I m waiting for Khanderao. Dwarka says we can see he is upset with you. Bana says Malhar sent him to his uncle’s place because of you. Dwarka says you know about self esteem, when your husabnd doesn’t want to see your face, why do you sit here and waste your day. Ahilya says I will try and convince Khanderao to talk to me. Dwarka says his heart won’t melt this way. She thinks Khanderao will get happy if you are proved a fool, I know you are smarter, when you win, his anger will get more. She asks him to go, his anger will calm down. She goes. Ahilya says I will not it in my room when he is so angry. She prays,

Malhar says Gautama, you told me many times, but I feel I m the king first and then my son’s dad, I want to keep myself close to my son now, I have to fulfill my responsibility, the test is imp for him, I want to see how he fulfills his challenge. She says I m happy to hear your decision, I always wanted you to give some time to your son. He says I get upset when Khanderao does something wrong, I felt nothing will happen now, I made a big mistake, I would have not thought of this if I didn’t see that, I understand how Khanderao felt. She asks how did you realize your mistake, by seeing whom, will you not tell me. He says you will know it one day. She says I m happy to see you spending time with your son, Khanderao will succeed in the test, you will be proud of him.

Khanderao thinks what was the need for dad to sit here, I will see his angry face and forget everything, then he will call me incapable. Ahilya says I got curd and sugar for you, you have a test today, its auspicious to have it before any good work. Khanderao gets rude. She says dog’s tail is always round, you aren’t listening to me. He says I don’t want your good wishes, you aren’t auspicious for me, go from here. Malhar and Gautama come. Malhar stops Ahilya. Gautama asks what will she do sitting here. Ahilya says no, I m going. She goes out. She says Gautama and Khanderao don’t want me to stay here, but mum taught me that a wife should be with her husband in every tough thing, I had promised in marriage, I can stand here. She smiles.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18th May 2021 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Guru ji questions Khanderao. Ahilya says its an easy question, why doesn’t Khanderao remember. Malhar sees Ahilya and calls her inside. He asks her does she know the answer.


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