Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st June 2021 Episode starts with Malhar thinking of Khanderao’s words and crying. He sits in darkness. He asks Gautama not to bring lights. She says you don’t like darkness in any corner of the house. He sees himself in the mirror. He says I forgot my duties being burdened by this Subedaar responsibility. He cries. She asks him what’s the matter, say something. He hugs her and cries. He says a father waits for years to see his son independent, when he finds his son getting away, then… I have seen my son shattering today, just I m responsible for her state, Khanderao’s pain, suffocation and problems, I have gifted this to him, I have seen the world and understand this, even then I couldn’t understand, strange, I couldn’t know his feelings, I wanted to see him successful as I m his dad and a ruler also.

She asks where did you see him, what did he say. He says he was going to his room. She says you have big expectations from your son, he also has some hopes from his dad, you accepted this, you want to give him more time and stay with him, he doesn’t know this, maybe that’s why he told someone, don’t think of this. He says matter isn’t so simple, I have managed this province and people as my own children, my own son can’t understand me, I never wanted my son to bear any pain, but it happened with me, Malhar isn’t able to find his land being my son, he is running away from me, he would always think that I wasn’t his dad, he wasn’t my son, he is the only support for me, my Khanderao, you remember, when did I see the last dream for myself, one day before Khanderao’s birth, then my every dream is for Khanderao.

Gautama says I know it, why don’t you tell this to him. He says I couldn’t say, I made a mistake, I always thought that he will fall weak seeing me getting emotional, he has to handle entire Malwa, a king can’t be weak, I pushed him away from me thinking much freedom will make him spoilt, Khanderao has a big responsibility on himself. Gautama asks is the responsibility imp than your son, you want him to fulfill responsibilities even if he thinks you are his enemy. She cries. He says yes, let him think that I m his enemy.

He says I m ready for this test. Ahilya prays and thinks what to do, Khanderao asked her to leave studies. She asks Saraswati to give a hint to make her understand. She recalls talking Khanderao. He sits studying. He says you won’t understand all this. She says I know, that’s why I was asking you. She asks him what’s written. He reads it and explains her. She smiles. FB ends. She says its imp that we get friendly, I have to keep trying it. She prays and says we will have friendship once again, right Aai Saraswati. She goes to know about her test. Gautama says your time will start after I ask the question, you will get time until this thing sinks in the water. Malhar smiles. Gautama asks Ahilya to listen carefully. She says we know that a bahu’s work is not just to handle the house, she has to give values to other generation, so bahu should know about Ramayan, Mahabharat and Gita, bahu doesn’t go out, but she handles her work in the house, this question is a puzzle, it will prove if Ahilya is capable to take our values ahead or not. Ahilya thinks I didn’t understand her question. Gautama says there is a thing in this house, which is a symbol of Lord Krishna, you have to tell me what’s that thing. Everyone thinks.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya comes. Gautama asks did you get the answer. Ahilya gets the shank and says this is the Krishnavan, he has this thing in his hand. Gautama says your answer isn’t wrong, I m feeling sorry to tell you that you failed in this test. Ahilya cries.


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