Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd August 2022 Episode starts with Gautama saying our Ahilya is winning and coming. Harku and Gautama get happy. Khanderao talks to his minister. The minister says we left the house many days before and many soldiers have died. Khanderao says I have signed the collaboration contract with the King.

The minister says but for what price, we should ask him something instead our help. Guard says Ghazi Uddin Sardar has come with a message of peace. Khanderao says let him come. He asks Ghazi to not offer him sweets, he will take it after winning Agra. Ghazi says take the rewards or a fort, but not Agra, its not possible for the king to give it.

Khanderao says fine, the king should tie the sword to my waist himself. Ghazi says you want the king to bow down, you think we can’t defeat Surajmal, no, we can defeat him anything.

Khanderao insults him. He says go and tell the King to deal with Surajmal again, because I m returning to Malwa. Ghazi gets angry. Ahilya sees some toys and smiles. Tukoji says Palki is ready, we have to leave. She says villagers have given us beautiful gifts, look at this, Mukta and Malerao will be happy getting this.

She cries. She takes the toys for the kids. Mukta says it’s a good news, mum has won the battle and coming back, Gautama is planning to celebrate her victory. He says it will be a grand celebration, I have decided that I won’t attend her function, dad will win the battle and come, I will attend his victory celebration.

Gautama says Ahilya is bahu and daughter of entire Malwa. Pandit says Sita should welcome Ahilya. She says right. Parvati says I went to call her but Dwarka… Gautama asks where is Dwarka. Harku says go and call Dwarka. Gautama says I will go and call her. She goes to Dwarka.

She asks where is Sita, it will be better if Sita welcomes Ahilya, come, Ahilya has won, she is coming back. Dwarka gets angry and argues. She says Sita has gone back, she has sworn that she won’t come to the palace until Gunu ji gets his place back.

Gautama taunts her. Dwarka says you are taking Ahilya’s side, if I take Sita and Gunu ji’s side, then you call it kiddish, strange thing, isn’t it, limits and ethics are decided seeing the person’s status, you are taunting my daughter because your bahu is coming after winning the battle.

Gautama says no, Malwa’s choti rani is doing her duty and coming back, say the truth, don’t you think you should have told Sita that her adamancy is wrong, anyways, I will tell Sita myself, our Dharm is more than mum’s love, we have to celebrate Malwa’s victory than any special person.

Maid says Ahilya has come. Gautama smiles and rushes. Ahilya gets a grand welcome. Khanderao also comes. He says I think the news of our coming has reached the palace, so they are celebrating. He hears the people chanting Ahilya’s name and stops. Gautama does the tilak to Ahilya and welcomes her.

Khanderao looks on. Ghazi comes to meet Shuja. Shuja hugs his brother. He asks him for some good news. Ghazi says your plan worked, Khanderao returned to Malwa. Shuja laughs and says great.

Guard says the celebration is to welcome Ahilya, she has won over Shuja. Minister says she is great, if she was with us, then King would have accepted our condition, we will do this from now. Khanderao gets angry. Ahilya hugs Mukta. She asks where is Malerao. Gautama says come inside first.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malerao asks Khanderao why didn’t you attend the function. Ahilya says I also want to know. Shuja says I will ruin Holkar’s existence.


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