Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Khanderao meeting Malerao. Malerao says I was missing you a lot, why aren’t they chanting your name. Khanderao says nobody knows that I have come, Ahilya has come by winning the mission,

I left the mission midway by my wish, why didn’t you to go to welcome your mum. Malerao says no, she doesn’t regard me dear, she didn’t tell me before going, why didn’t you go. Ahilya says even I want to know this. He turns and sees the family. Mukta hugs him. Ghazi says Khanderao has returned to Malwa.

He recalls Shuja’s plan to break the contract between Malwa and Badshah. Shuja says Khanderao has a weakness, his ego and selfishness, provoke his anger, then his decision will be in their favor. Ghazi says you heard it right, Khanderao broke the contract and returned to Malwa. Shuja laughs and says he is foolish, not sensible like Ahilya, we will win one day.

Khanderao says I didn’t lose or leave the battle midway. Gautama asks why did you come in from the backdoor like a thief. Malerao says he came here to meet me, because Ahilya doesn’t love me. Khanderao says I explained you with love, that its nothing like that, your mum loves you, I m not happy that you didn’t welcome her, I don’t want to hear anything wrong about your mum.

Ahilya arranged the food for the kids. Khanderao says you would be tired. She says yes, but Malerao likes his mum like this. She sits with the kids. Harku stops Gautama. They leave. Malerao likes the laddoos.

Ahilya says this laddoos have love and gratefulness, the villagers have sent this. Malerao says you mean the villagers are more special than us. She says no, no one is more or less special, it depends on the situation. She explains him.

He asks why did you hide it from me that you are going on mission. Ahilya says they had the responsibility so I told them, I didn’t tell you so that you don’t worry, Parvati took care of you both in my absence. Khanderao says she is saying right, its imp to keep few things a secret, Ahilya is your mum and also the Choti Subedaarni of Malwa. Ahilya smiles. Ahilya shows the toys given by the villagers.

The kids like it. Khanderao leaves. Ahilya looks on. Yamuna gets sweets and says Ahilya has won, so Gautama asked me to get sweets for everyone. Dwarka throws the sweets. Yamuna says Khanderao has come from the backdoor. Dwarka thinks. Ahilya says you explained Malerao, who will explain you,

everyone was happy for the Chambal victory. He says I m happy for your victory. She says its your victory also, I didn’t like it that you didn’t meet me and came from backdoor, what do you want to show others, don’t we have compatibility, do we have issues. He says no, I m your husband, you are my wife.

She says we have to think of the people, our relation is imp to us. Shuja says Ahilya has come in front of Khanderao, she defeated us, he broke the contract and went back, we will take an advantage of their rift, I will ruin Holkar’s existence, fix my meeting with the King.

Harku asks Gautama why is she worried. Gautama says I m not liking Khanderao’s behavior, he didn’t attend Ahilya’s welcome ceremony. Dwarka comes and argues. Ahilya says remember one thing, when a family unity breaks, then outsiders take an advantage of it, its not right for Malwa.

She cries. Khanderao holds his ears. She says we have to solve this. He says this won’t happen again, we will discuss things and decide, when we have union, then kids will be with us. They hug.


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