Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 24th August 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya saying its the villager’s daughter’s marriage after two days, it will happen from the village. Dhana ji asks what, it happened many years ago. Ahilya smiles and says baraat will go from Indore, just our soldiers will be there, Nizam’s army is upstairs, they didn’t attack the jungle people like you said, this time our soldiers won’t get attacked, they will be in jungle people’s disguise, it will be easy to end the enemies this way from that area. Gangoba smiles. Tukoji says everyone will come to the market area. She says we will aim to capture the enemies first, it shouldn’t be tough for our soldiers, because enemy won’t be expecting this attack, they will get ready to surrender, we have to get much info from them, that’s why we will use the sword when things get spoilt or get out of our hands, its better if there is no blood shed. Gangoba says this is called a great plan to kill the enemies, its amazing. Ahilya takes his blessings. She says I wish I always get your trust. He blesses her. Dhana ji also blesses her.

The men praise Ahilya’s smartness. Ahilya comes to the temple and prays. Harku comes and blesses her. She says you had struggled a lot growing here, you were smart, but the knowledge has made you wise, I think I will also need your advice. Ahilya says you supported me a lot, I will always need you, I m in much worry at this time. Harku says you have made everyone quiet today. Ahilya asks what about the family members who are upset with me, if I hurt them more. Harku pacifies her. She asks her to do her responsibility. She says you always thought of the family happiness, but now you need to make a balance between your work and family, if Malhar was an ordinary man, then he would have not sent his son away for years, he wants Malwa to go in suitable hands. Ahilya says Malwa and Praja are the world for Malhar, for me, my family is my world, I help Malhar in his work, but I don’t have any such wish, I wish Malhar comes back, I will give him the responsibility back and get free, if anyone turns face away then what will happen, I have to return to my family, right. Harku says you are right, you know the society’s thinking, if a woman does a man’s work, then people taunt her. Renu and Sarja come. Harku tells them about the Manglagauri puja kept for Ahilya. She says the women pray for their husband’s long life. Sarju says then Ahilya will pray for her husband. Ahilya gets shy. Renu asks her to keep smiling.

Ahilya says your bad sight can never catch me, you love me a lot. She hugs Renu. Harku asks Ahilya to come. Renu asks her to go, Gautama has called her. They leave from the temple. Ahilya misses Khanderao. She asks him to come, and stop playing hide and seek. She closes eyes. Harku holds her and says you miss him a lot. Ahilya says its seven years now, I didn’t even see him. She cries. Harku says Khanderao’s return news will come soon. Gunu ji shows the jewellery to Sita. She asks shall I keep it, its such a beautiful necklace. He says keep it. She smiles.

Gangoba says everyone was surprised by Ahilya’s intelligence, she didn’t sit on the throne because of her respect for Malhar, everyone got impressed, she is very wise. Gautama says many people were not happy with the responsibility given to her. He nods. She says many people objected to Ahilya’s education, now her success had made everyone silent. He asks can I ask something, you always wanted Ahilya to handle the family, its every bahu’s work, Malhar gave her the Rajya duties, I didn’t think you will easily accept his decision. She says you are elder and respectable, you are a part of this family, nothing is hidden from you, so I won’t lie, yes, I want to see my bahu handling family, but I can’t see the throne going to someone else’s hand even temporarily, Malhar, Khanderao, Ahilya or I have the right on the throne. He nods.

She says Ahilya is handling the work in Malhar and Khanderao’s absence, she is protecting their throne, she isn’t greedy for power, she proved this, you may think I m selfish but… He says no need to tell anything, I agree, this is the right solution until Khanderao comes back. The servant says the men have come with jewellery. Gautama says fine. The men show the jewellery and clothes. Gautama says show the best clothes and jewellery for Ahilya, she will look the best. Ahilya smiles. Dwarka asks Sita to come. Sita likes her necklace. She says I got this from Nizam’s loot jewellery.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahilya says Praja has a right on this necklace, remove it. Sita refuses. Ahilya says I have to cut its price from Gunu ji’s salary.


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