Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25th August 2021 Episode starts with Sita liking a saree and taking it. Harku asks Ahilya to buy something good for herself. Ahilya takes Sita with her. She says sorry, but you can’t take this necklace, remove it. Sita says you aren’t in Darbar at this time, we are in our house, don’t dominate me. Ahilya says I will never do this, sorry if you felt bad, but you can’t keep this necklace, its Malhar’s command that loot items will be going to the official treasures, entire Praja has a right on it.

Sita says this came into the treasures because of my husband, can’t I keep one necklace. Ahilya says yes, but Malwa army was with him, if Malhar got this, then he would have kept nothing. Sita says you are becoming much strict, fine, as you wish, but I took this necklace, next time I will remember. Ahilya asks her to remove the necklace. Sita asks don’t you understand, I said this won’t happen again. Ahilya says its not about a necklace, but about rules, its wrong to break rules. Sita scolds her.

She refuses to return the necklace. Ahilya says loot property will be counted now, you can’t keep this necklace. Sita asks will you stop me, you got the throne for ten days, not entire life, stay grounded, I won’t give this necklace, will you remove it from my neck, take it. Ahilya says I request you, don’t force me. Sita asks her to do it and show her, what can she do. Ahilya says if you don’t return the necklace, then I have to cut the necklace price from Gunu ji’s salary. Sita stops.

She returns the necklace. She says I didn’t think you will insult me so much. Bana says I m so happy, everyone will just see me in Ahilya’s manglagaur. Dwarka thinks where did Ahilya take Sita. Bana asks where are they. Dwarka says I will go and see. She goes. Dwarka sees Sita leaving. She asks why did she go crying, what did you tell her. Everyone hears Dwarka shouting. Dwarka scolds Ahilya. She goes to Sita. Bana says what would have happened. Gautama asks Rakma to see if anyone has to buy something else, pay money to the man and send him. She goes to Ahilya. She sees the necklace. Ahilya cries. Gautama says I won’t ask what happened, you have a big responsibility of a ruler, I would ask you, whatever is the problem, I hope you have the solution for it. Dwarka consoles Sita. Sita says I will never come back here. Dwarka says you want to leave your house because of Ahilya. Sita says this isn’t my house now, Ahilya always does wrong with me and Gunu ji, I don’t have a right on one necklace. Ahilya comes with the jewellery. She says why one necklace, you have a right on all the jewellery and property of the house.

Dwarka asks what’s this drama, it will be good that you leave. Bana tries to hear their talks. Harku asks what are you doing. Bana says even walls have ears, I was hearing Dwarka’s talks, no one tells me the complete matter, Dwarka will send me out if I go inside, why do they hide it from me. Harku says no, its better that there aren’t more people in tensed situation. Bana laughs and says you are becoming Gautama. Maid comes and says a man has got a message from Khanderao’s gurukul. Bana goes to see. Harku says I hope everything is fine, Ahilya shouldn’t fall in any problem. Dwarka says I can’t forget you, Sita is Malhar’s first child, his daughter. Ahilya says I did what I learnt from Sita, I m sorry, give me a chance to explain and calm Sita’s anger. She shows the necklaces. She says its for Sita. Dwarka shouts Ahilya, you are insulting Sita again. Sita asks what do you want to show. Dwarka says Sita is Senapati’s wife, she is a princess, Gunu ji can get any jewellery for her, even I can arrange anything for her, we don’t want it from her, Sita can buy anything, that necklace was her choice, so she kept it.

Ahilya says I know it well, that’s why I m saying that Sita has much rights, whatever we have, its Sita’s, but you can’t take anything from the treasure, our needs are met and also the people’s needs, I asked you to return that, but all this is Holkar palace property, you can get the same necklace made by asking the jeweller, but you can’t get the loot necklace, I hope you understand me, Malhar gave me a big responsibility before going, how can I break his rules. Dwarka says yes, but your way was wrong, you could have come to me or Gautama, you misbehaved with Sita. Ahilya says I m sorry, Munshi was accounting for the loot, I had no time, Malhar says that we have to keep our respect and not let any stain come on our name, I had to keep the necklace back soon, I did that. She says Malhar has much experience, but I have spent half of my life in village, I need help of you all, its a testing time for me, I hope the family understands me, accept these jewellery, its my seventh Manglagaur for me, its a big day for me, I can’t see anyone upset. Sita accepts the jewellery. Ahilya hugs her. She apologizes to everyone and goes.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Harku says sorry Ahilya, your challenges aren’t ending. Ahilya says Gautama got me here to give me a gift. Harku says Khanderao is coming back. Ahilya smiles.


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