Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Sarja saying I m coming with you, I have convinced my husband. Ahilya asks how. Sarja says I m his wife, I know how to convince him. Ahilya says I didn’t understand.

Sarja says I argued with him and tried to convince him, he didn’t listen to me, then my Brahmastra, love is the biggest weapon, it always works, you tell me, doesn’t Khanderao agree when you convince him with love.

Ahilya smiles. She asks about her clothes. Sarja says I came running to stop you, I forgot to get clothes. Ahilya says its okay, it will be arranged in the palace. Sarja asks her to say. Ahilya says I will train you well, we have one week time, I regret that I couldn’t eat the kharvas. Sarja gives the tiffin and says I didn’t forget this, have it.

They smile. Ahilya brings her to the palace. He says I will make a room ready for you. Sarja says no, I will stay with Daasis. Ahilya says no, you are my friend and also a participant in the big competition, if you win, we all will win, if you lose then…

Khanderao comes and meets them. Ahilya says she is still the same, right. He says yes. She says I hope she still has that courage and strength. She introduces her son Malerao. Sarja says he has grown up.

Malerao gets rude towards Ahilya. She says its darbar matters. He argues. He says everyone is making fun of you, I don’t like it, don’t be stubborn, forget it. Khanderao says I explained him a lot, but he didn’t understand, he heard the guards making fun of your thoughts. Ahilya says let them talk, we have to give an answer by sword, I got my first soldier, she is Sarja, I will train her, she will win in this competition.

Malerao asks will she fight a soldier, its enough if she fights me. He goes. Khanderao calls him out. Malerao gets swords for Sarja and himself. He asks her to compete with him. Ahilya scolds him.

Sarja worries. Ahilya says we will know who will win and who will lose. She takes Sarja with her. Khanderao picks a sword. Sarja says no, I can’t do this. Ahilya asks what will I do if you lose, don’t think of Malerao’s words.

Sarja says no one trusts you, you got me here. Ahilya says its imp that I trust myself, I do, I trust you more. Sarja says no, I m not the woman you are finding, I m your friend, I can give my life for you, but I can’t fight.

Ahilya says don’t worry, we have 7 days, I will train you. Gangoba comes and says just 4 days, not 7. Khanderao comes. Ahilya asks what, you said 7 days. Gangoba says we decided to keep the competition after 4 days. He recalls suggesting this idea to Khanderao. FB ends.

Ahilya asks how can you decide in my absence. Khanderao says entire darbar decided this, four days are less for this training, forget it now. Ahilya says I accept. Sarja says I can’t learn this in four days, I feel like I have to run on the sharp sword.

Ahilya says battle isn’t just like and fight, battle is a feeling between fear and excitement. She encourages Sarja. She says its fine if you lose, if the men dominated society loses, then they will fall down, just trust me. Sarja says I trust you, else why would I come here. Ahilya asks her to start the practice, she will just come. She goes.

Dwarka says its good news that the preparation time got less, we should make Ahilya’s opponents against her. Gunu ji says forget it, everyone is against her. He jokes. She holds his nose. He says leave me, I feel suffocated. She leaves him. She says we shouldn’t leave Ahilya free to breathe. He asks what do you intend to do. She smiles.

Tukoji shows the skilled fighters. He says no one can win in the fight against these two warriors. Khanderao says it means Sarja will fight one of them. Tukoji says yes, Gangoba asked you to select one of them for the competition.

Khanderao says send them away, get any ordinary soldier, Ahilya is adamant to get Sarja in the competition, Sarja didn’t even hold sword in her hand till now. Ahilya comes and asks him for who is he feeling afraid, for Sarja, or for his brave soldiers.

He says I m afraid for Sarja, she isn’t skilled, she can’t sustain in the battle ground, she is your friend. She says Malhar tells that a battle is won by belief than power, you trust me and Sarja, that we will win. Tukoji nods.


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